5 TRACKS: Discover the Stories and Emotions Behind Ego’s EP

“5TRACKS EP”: A Journey of Stories and Memories

In his latest EP “5TRACKS,” the acclaimed rap artist, Ego (AUTTA), is setting the music scene ablaze. This collection encompasses five profound songs, each with its own narrative and sentimental value. Ego delves into his personal experiences, expressing a myriad of emotions and crafting tracks that resonate with listeners. From heartfelt melodies to introspective anthems, “5TRACKS” is a testimony to Ego’s artistic growth and versatility.


One of the most unforgettable memories in Ego’s life was created during his Mathayom 6 concert, where he mesmerized the audience with his heartfelt jazz rendition. This soulful performance holds a special place in Ego’s heart as it marks the moment when his father gifted him a musical instrument, embracing his passion for jazz.

2. Hope – QA

“Hope” serves as a turning point in Ego’s musical journey, igniting his passion for singing. In a world where rap music often faced prejudice, this powerful song inspired Ego to start penning his own lyrics and fully embrace the rap industry, shattering stereotypes along the way.

3. KEEP UP – Rex Orange

Amp up your mood with “KEEP UP,” the go-to track for Ego while cruising on the open road. From the first listen, this infectious tune exudes a cool vibe that instantly uplifts spirits. Its empowering message resonates, serving as a constant source of encouragement to Ego and his listeners.


Enter the safe haven of “HIDEWAY” – a track that lends solace to the soul. Ego finds solace in this song, feeling at home every time it graces his ears. It holds particular significance as it aligns with his aspirations of becoming an artist like JACOB COLLIER, whose music has profoundly inspired him. Additionally, Ego’s feline companion bears the name of this talented artist, marking a therapeutic bond formed during a period of personal struggles.


Unveil a newfound favorite with “THE BRAIN DANCE,” a song that has recently captivated Ego’s heart. This melodic masterpiece, accompanied by the exquisite sounds of a classical guitar, caters to Ego’s love for driving and exercising. Its progressive nature adds a unique flavor to Ego’s musical repertoire.

Ego’s journey into rap music faced initial societal skepticism. However, by staying true to his artistic vision and crafting songs that embody his own desires, he aims to defy stereotypes. His ongoing endeavor is to create an album akin to “Press Sutta” – an epitome of pop music that challenges conventional formulas while staying authentic to his craft.

Furthermore, Ego shares two awe-inspiring bonus tracks. “To Let A Good Thing Die” by Bruno Major, with its poignant lyrics and profound meaning, resembles a poetic masterpiece. Likewise, Ego’s own song, “Yam Ban,” holds a multitude of profound messages, leading him to discover the perfect avenue for expressing his deepest emotions – music functioning as a beautiful diary.

Join the musical odyssey of “5TRACKS” every Saturday at 7:00 pm on YouTube, where Ego’s compelling stories come alive through ethereal melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

“5 TRACK” This EP, the rap artist is on fire. Ego (AUTTA) I will share 5 songs that have stories and memories. The song that made me start rapping Songs that are comforting to listen to Expressing feelings through music Songs with meanings like “Yambaan”, happiness, struggle, disappointment, not being able to force everything to be the way you want it, and Room 704 make “Ego like ANTLV”

Jazz song in memory / Because Atta used jazz music to play in the concert at the end of Mathayom 6. During that time, there was a cute moment when Atta’s father bought him a musical instrument. and he came to see the concert that Atta played

2. Hope – QA
The song that marked Ego’s turning point / This song had a great influence on Ego’s singing. Because at the beginning, rap music was seen in a negative way. This song was the inspiration for Atta to start writing songs. and entered the rap industry fully

3. KEEP UP – Rex Orange
This is the song that makes you feel good / the song your ego likes to play while driving. When I first listened to it, it felt really cool. Listen and feel good. Because the content of this song is encouragement.

Songs that are a safe zone for the ego. Whenever I listen, I feel at home. Importantly, this is also the original song that Ego dreams about. I want to reach that point as JACOB COLLIER and even more than that. Attha took the name of an artist and gave it to a cat. Because there used to be a period of downtime. and have this cat to heal my heart But one day this cat disappeared.

Songs you like to listen to while driving and exercising / It’s a song that Ego has only recently come to listen to. But it’s a song I really like. Because the instrument used to play is a classical guitar. and the content of the songs is progressive

In addition, Atta said rap music was viewed negatively at first. But when I made many songs according to my own desires I want to make songs like an album. “At first I had a very negative opinion of rap. Which song is so cheeky? But when I made many songs according to my own desires I want to make a song like an album called “Press Sutta” like pressing every formula so that the song is pop.”

Also sharing BONUS TRACKS is the song “To Let A Good Thing Die” by Bruno Major, a song that is like a poem. which has a good meaning and beautiful words Covered with good thoughts, including the song “Yam Ban” by Atta, a song which has a lot of meaning. Makes me find the right way to express my feelings through music. And can record a diary through music.

“5TRACKS” 5 songs, 5 stories, on air every Saturday at 7:00 pm Follow YouTube.

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