5 Tricks to take great pictures with “vivo X80 Series 5G” Whoever takes pictures is as clear as a movie.

This year’s trend Café Hopping is very hot. No matter what social media you open, you will see people checking in at popular popular cafes every day. Especially on holidays, I can tell you that the shops are packed. You have to live.sciencein avoiding people From the angle of taking pictures or taking photos that go very quickly, many people are therefore more convenient to use smartphones than cameras because they are convenient, do not have to adjust a lot. You can lift it up and take a picture.

vivo X80 Series 5G 2

Anyway, today I’m going to take a photo at the Begin Again café, a beautiful and elegant cafe like being in a foreign country. So we have a simple smartphone photography trick. Whoever takes the photo is a professional, the picture is beautiful, very clear! We choose “vivo X80 Series 5G”, the best flagship smartphone of vivo that has just been launched on May 19, 2022 with the slogan “Cinematics Redefined for your every moment. Clear as a movie” I knew that there must be some great tricks. Let us be wowed for sure. Ready, let’s go take a photo together!

vivo X80 Series 5G 3

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1. live X80 Series 5G. Good camera wins over a hundred. Clarity must be 10 10 10 Let’s go!

before taking a photo The sharpness of the smartphone camera is something that must be taken into account very much. is the top, which “vivo X80 Series 5G” is full of cameras, 32MP front camera, f/2.45 aperture, 50MP main rear camera f/1.57, 48MP Ultra Wide Camera, f / 2.2 aperture, lens camera Telephoto 12MP, aperture f/1.85 and in the vivo X80 Pro model, it also adds an 8MP periscope lens camera, supports 5x optical zoom and 60x digital zoom as well. Says it’s very good value. Take every shot All views, all in one smartphone

vivo X80 Series 5G 5

vivo X80 Series 5G 6

It also increases the confidence of taking pictures with the 50MP Ultra-Sensing Sensor that in the vivo X80 Pro model comes with a sensor. Ultra-Sensing GNV ultra-light detection As large as 1/1.3 inches, the vivo X80 uses the IMX866 RGBW Ultra-Sensing Sensor to capture more light. sharp details Take uninterrupted photos and videos at night.

vivo X80 Series 5G 7

vivo X80 Series 5G 8

2. live X80 Series 5G has professional lenses. Anyone who takes pictures is like a professional.

And of course, the most outstanding feature of “vivo X80 Series 5G” is the ultimate lens vivo ZEISS Co-Engineered. There are many classic Zeiss lens effects, such as Distagon, Planar, Sonnar and Biotar, or new tricks like Cinematic. How to shoot like a movie. This is really wow. resulting in a unique image It’s not like using a smartphone to take pictures. These effects look very professional. In this event, my friends had to say hi, how did you take a photo! Very cool and also has ZEISS T* Coating for accurate color values. Every picture taken will have beautiful, true-to-life colors.

vivo X80 Series 5G 9

vivo X80 Series 5G 10

vivo X80 Series 5G 11

vivo X80 Series 5G 12

vivo X80 Series 5G 13

3. Live X80 Series 5G Keep your memories with videos. It’s like making a movie yourself.

vivo X80 Series 5G 14

And another gimmick that tells me that it’s cheesy! Who would believe that smartphones can shoot videos that feel like filming themselves? With ZEISS Cinematic Video, ZEISS cinematic lenses create unique flares in videos and photos in a standard 2.39:1 aspect ratio when shooting. come out It’s not like a normal video. There will be gimmicks that make it feel like a movie at all. Feels very new. Anyone who is a VLOG, video call, must not miss this at all.

vivo X80 Series 5G 15

It also shoots comfortably both day and night with AI Video Enhancement supported by the vivo Pro Imaging Chip V1+ to enhance nighttime video shooting performance and outstanding video display even in low light conditions. Can detect video scenes perfectly

vivo X80 Series 5G 16

4. live X80 Series 5G. No problem with shaky images. Not as you wish. One shot can handle it!

Time to leave someone to take a photo. whether girlfriend or friend And the hand is not steady, the picture shakes, having to waste time taking many photos. Let me tell you that “vivo X80 Series 5G” helps to end the problem easily. By combining gimbal technology with a professional 50mm portrait lens, it’s very easy to shoot portraits or portraits. Whether it’s still images or videos, it can handle it

vivo X80 Series 5G 17

5. live X
80 Series 5G Take photos to look tall, long legs with a Super Wide Angle lens.

If you go to take pictures with your girlfriend or girlfriend. One thing that girls appreciate is taking photos to look tall and slim! If you take a photo, then shoot it. Still haven’t survived. There is a simple trick. Just turn on the Portrait mode and choose to shoot with a Super Wide Angle lens. Say that one shot is done. because the angle of the lens is extra wide It will help to pull the legs longer. or who wants to capture beautiful landscape photos of the cafe we ​​went to It can be kept very wide. And there is also a Super Macro lens to help capture small details. that we want to take close up Or take a detailed photo of your food, dessert, special dish, too.

vivo X80 Series 5G 18

vivo X80 Series 5G 19

“vivo X80 Series 5G” comes together 2 models, “vivo X80 Pro 5G”, a luxurious black body, Cosmic Black, comes with a 6.78-inch WQHD + 120Hz Refresh Rate AMOLED screen, Qualcomm’s flagship chip – Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, optimize speed. Up to 20% from the previous model and the Adreno 730 GPU improved to work more than 30% more efficient than the original. The battery is 4700mAh, supports 80W FlashCharge and 50W Wireless FlashCharge, has a 3D Ultrasonic Finger Scan Sensor.

vivo X80 Series 5G 20

vivo X80 Series 5G 21

vivo X80 Series 5G 22

As for the vivo X80, it comes in two elegant colors, Cosmic Black and Urban Blue, whether it’s elegant or bright, it comes with a 6.78-inch FHD+ 120Hz Refresh Rate AMOLED screen, MTK’s new flagship platform. This improves CPU performance by 45% and GPU by 20% compared to the previous generation. The battery comes with 4500mAh, supports 80W FlashCharge, with both models getting 12GB RAM + 256GB ROM.

Who wants to take a professional photo sharp as a movie Must not miss! Go to reserve the owner of “vivo X80 Series” at all vivo Brand Shop branches and dealers across the country or www.vivo.com

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