50-year-old warrant for killing an accomplice in abandoning a woman after killing a woman ‘for money’

The police have applied for an arrest warrant for a man in his 50s who killed an acquaintance of the woman and then killed an accomplice who helped dump the body in order to steal money.

After finding and killing a female victim’s card password, withdraw millions of won

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The Incheon Michuhol Police Station announced on the 7th that it had applied for an arrest warrant for a man in his 50s on charges of robbery and murder, abandonment of the body, and murder.

A is suspected of using B’s card to withdraw millions of won in cash after killing B, a woman in her 50s, in a building in Michuhol-gu, Incheon on the 4th. He is also charged with murdering Mr. C, an accomplice in his 40s, who helped dispose of Mr. B’s body.

As a result of the police investigation, Mr. A got the card password before killing Mr. B. After the crime, he called Mr. C, and left the body in the victim’s car with him, and withdrew millions of won in cash.

Afterwards, it was found that Mr. A lured Mr. C to a mountain near Eulwang-ri, saying, “Let’s dig in the hills because the body can decompose.”

Suspect statement ‘entertainment’… Police to investigate whether or not there was an attempt to cover up the crime

Earlier, the police received a report of the disappearance of Mr. B’s daughter at around 7 pm on the 4th and arrested Mr. A on the 5th. The police, who were conducting a search for the missing person, found the body of Mr. B in his car parked in a parking lot near Inha University Station on the Suinbundang Line in Michuhol-gu, Incheon around 7:30 on the 5th and turned it into a violent case.

On the 5th, the police, who started a full-scale investigation, arrested Mr. A near Juan-dong, Michuhol-gu. After securing the statement of Mr. A, “After killing Mr. C, he abandoned him in Eulwang-ri,” the police conducted a search and found Mr. C’s body the day before.

Person A had known each other with Mr. B and Mr. C, but it was confirmed that Mr. B and Mr. C did not know each other.

The police are investigating the motive of the crime, leaving the possibility that A killed B for financial reasons and then killed C to cover up the crime. In addition, the National Forensic Research Institute has requested autopsies of the bodies of B and C to determine the exact circumstances of the incident, including the method of the crime.

It is known that Mr. A generally admits to the allegations, but is reversing his statements about the specific motive for the crime.

The interrogation of the suspect before the arrest of A is scheduled to be held this afternoon at the Incheon District Court.


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