5037 new confirmed cases, 5,000 for two days in a row… Severe 6 people↓・1145 people (total)

yunhap newsWith stricter ‘social distancing’ measures As the spread of COVID-19 in Korea is on the decline, the number of new confirmed cases has reached 5,000 for two days in a row.did. The number of seriously ill patients in hospital decreased slightly, but the number exceeded 1,000 for the tenth day. have.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters As of 00:00 on the 30th, there were 5,037 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, totaling 625,967 confirmed cases.said it was 371 fewer than the previous day (5408, corrected in the original announcement of 5409), when the number of daily confirmed cases surged by more than 1,000 as the “weekend effect” caused by the decrease in the amount of diagnostic tests was lifted.

Even compared to last Thursday (23rd, 6917 people) when the number was close to 7,000, 1880 people are fewer. As the government tightened the reins of quarantine, such as reducing private gatherings and limiting business hours for multi-use facilities, the spread, which soared to the ‘late 7,000 new confirmed cases’ after the ‘step-by-step recovery of daily life’ (with Corona), has calmed down somewhat. have.

but, The number of daily confirmed cases has doubled compared to the beginning of November, when ‘with Corona’ started, and the number of patients in critical condition has also tripled, so the quarantine indicators are still not reassuringto be. The government believes that the current epidemic situation is only at the beginning of a declining trend, and that it is important to more reliably reduce the total number of patients and critically ill patients in order to stabilize the medical response system.
As the booster dose, which is the ‘third dose’, accelerated, the third dose rate among the elderly rose to 70%, but it has not yet led to a significant decrease in the number of patients with severe gastritis. the government It is predicted that it will take five to ten days for the decrease in the total parameters to have a real effect on the number of critically ill patients.

A total of 54,431 suspected patients were tested at the screening clinic the day before. 14976 diagnostic tests were conducted at temporary screening centers installed across the country, of which 1,707 were confirmed positive. The total number of tests was 195,407, with a positive rate of 2.5% as of the day.

‘1,000 people’ on the 10th day of severe severe illness… The utilization rate of the intensive care unit in the metropolitan area fell below 70% due to the expansion of beds

Receiving treatment such as ventilator or high flow oxygen therapy, ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation device), or continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) The number of critically ill patients decreased by 6 from the previous day, which broke the record high in four days, bringing the total to 1,145.done.
On the morning of the 29th, medical staff are working at Hyemin Hospital in Gwangjin-gu, a hospital dedicated to COVID-19 in Seoul.  yunhap newsOn the morning of the 29th, medical staff are working at Hyemin Hospital in Gwangjin-gu, a hospital dedicated to COVID-19 in Seoul. yunhap news
As the proportion of patients aged 60 years or older who belong to the ‘high-risk group’ increases, The number of seriously ill patients exceeded 1,000 on the 21st (1022), and then 1063 on the 22nd → 1,083 on the 23rd → 1084 on the 24th → 1105 on the 25th → 1081 on the 26th → 1078 on the 27th → 1102 on the 28th → 1,151 people on the 29th, 1,000 people on the 10th dayis maintaining As of this day, 83.06% (951 patients) of the total were found to be patients over the age of 60.

The severity of the elderly confirmed cases is leading to an increase in the number of deaths. The number of patients who died the day before was 73, and a total of 5,455 confirmed cases of Corona 19 who died so far (fatality rate 0.87%).to be.

The government is focusing on expanding the number of hospital beds by increasing the enforcement of the previously issued administrative orders.

According to the Central Accident Response Headquarters, As of 5:00 pm the previous day, the utilization rate of intensive care beds in the metropolitan area was 68.78% (685 out of 996 beds were used).did. As the number of beds increased by more than 100 (118) in one day, It fell below 70% following the previous day (78.7%), which fell below 80% for the first time in over a month.did. The number of beds that can receive new patients also increased from 187 to 311.

In Seoul, which has the highest number of confirmed patients in the country, 302 out of 406 were used, 74.38%, and Incheon, with 19 out of 92, showed an utilization rate of 79.35%. The Gyeonggi area, which had a utilization rate close to 80% the day before (78.35%), dropped to 62.25% (310 out of 498 beds used).

However, in the case of non-metropolitan areas, there are still areas with limited capacity for hospital beds.

In Gyeongbuk, the number of beds (3 beds) is full, and in Gyeongnam, only 9 out of 49 beds remain. In Chungbuk (29 out of 32 beds used) and Sejong (4 out of 6 beds) are also counting available beds in single digits.

The nationwide intensive care bed utilization rate was 67.38% (1012 out of 1502 beds used), a drop of more than 7%p in just one day.did. The result of the combination of the expansion of hospital beds and the overall decrease in patientsAll. Waiting for more than one day to be assigned to a hospital bed or There are no confirmed cases waiting to be hospitalized was found to be

Omicron infected 67 ↑, cumulative 625… Rapid PCR to increase the number of confirmed cases

On the afternoon of the 29th, citizens line up to be tested at the Seoul City Hall Corona 19 Screening Center in Jung-gu, Seoul.  Reporter Lee Han-hyungOn the afternoon of the 29th, citizens line up to be tested at the Seoul City Hall Corona 19 Screening Center in Jung-gu, Seoul. Reporter Lee Han-hyung
The transmission route of the new confirmed cases was 4,930 cases in Korea and 107 cases imported from abroad.

If we look at the local occurrence status in Korea, △Seoul 1689 △Busan 252 △Daegu 115 △Incheon 316 △Gwangju 101 △Daejeon 88 △Ulsan 37 △Sejong 21 △Gyeonggi 1448 △Gangwon 87 △Chungbuk 80 △ 122 in Chungnam △ 228 in Jeonbuk △ 47 in Jeonnam △ 82 in Gyeongbuk △ 197 in Gyeongnam △ 20 in Jeju.

Seoul, Gyeonggi, Incheon, etc. In the metropolitan area, 3,000 cases (3453 cases) occurredThis continued. It accounts for 70.04% of the total.

As the spread of ‘Omicron’, a new mutation of the Corona 19 virus, increased, 1,477 new cases were confirmed in non-metropolitan areas where the size of the infection was increasing. The overall ratio was 29.96%.

In the case of imported cases, 34 people were confirmed through quarantine at the time of entry, and 73 people were confirmed positive by local governments after entry.

Estimated inflow countries include China 1, △Filipinos, 7 △Russia, 1 △India, △Thailand, 2, △Saudi Arabia, 1 person, etc. 14 from Asia outside China, △UK 6 people △France 1 person △Turkey 2 people △ Poland 1 person △ Spain 3 people △ Italy 2 people △ Germany 1 person 16 people in Europe, △ 60 people in the US △ 4 people in Brazil △ 5 people in Canada, 69 people in the Americas, △ 1 person in Nigeria △ 3 people in Kenya △Ivory Coast, 1 person, △Egypt, etc. 6 people from Africa and 1 person from Australia were surveyed.

By nationality, there were 83 Koreans and 24 foreigners.

Omicron mutation, which has already become a dominant species in the United States and other countries, is rapidly expanding its spread in Korea as well. the copy of the room As of 00:00 on the same day, the total number of domestic Omicron mutation infections increased by 67, including 41 overseas imported and 26 domestically infected (locally occurring), totaling 625 (293 imported from overseas, 332 domestically infected).was counted as
Reporter Hwang Jin-hwanReporter Hwang Jin-hwan
The number of new inflows from the United States was the highest with 24, following the previous day. △Kenya 6 △UAE 3 △Kazakhstan 2 △Canada 2 △Mexico 1 △Cameroon 1 △Filipino 1 △Maldives 1 person appeared.

In the case of domestic infection, it is estimated that the ‘n-th infection’ derived from the existing cluster infection, such as the Honam case from Iran and the Iksan case in North Jeolla Province. The number of sporadic cases in which the route of transmission is unknown, such as cases related to the food manufacturing industry in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, is also going

From this day on, the quarantine authorities Practical use of PCR (genome amplification) reagent that can determine whether Omicron infection is present in three or four hoursgo into Accordingly, among the confirmed cases of COVID-19, the number of confirmed cases of Omicron is highly likely to increase further nationwide.

38.8% of adults inoculated with Booster Shot… Government extends current distance ‘weight’

the government As the validity period (180 days after the second vaccination) of the vaccine pass (inoculation certificate) is applied from the 3rd of next month, it is recommended that those who received the second vaccination before July 6 of this year receive the third vaccination within the year.are doing

According to the Corona 19 Vaccination Response Promotion Team, the number of people who received the first dose of the vaccine the day before was 48,077, and the cumulative number of vaccinations was 44,168,856. 86% of the total, or 95.5% based on adults 18 years of age or older (94.2% based on 60 years of age or older).

The number of people who received the second dose increased by 45,847, and a total of 42,483,736 people completed the vaccination against COVID-19. 82.7% of the total population, which corresponds to 93.2% of adults (92.9% of those aged 60 and over).
The photo shows an elderly person receiving the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at the temporary vaccination center at the Gokseong-gun Medical Center on the morning of the 24th.  yunhap newsThe photo shows an elderly person receiving the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at the temporary vaccination center at the Gokseong-gun Medical Center on the morning of the 24th. yunhap news
3 months have elapsed since the completion of the primary vaccination 510,846 people who were hit by ‘Booster Shot’ increaseddid. Thereby So far, a total of 17,129,214 people have received the third booster vaccination.was counted as

33.4% of the total population, which is 38.8% for adults and 74.7% for those aged 60 or olderto be.

the government Weight over the extension of the current distance that is scheduled to be applied until this weekend (January 2, next year)is loading

From the 18th, private gatherings of up to 4 people are allowed across the country and non-metropolitan areas, and restaurants and cafes are not allowed to operate after 9 p.m. Authorities are said to be strongly considering extending the current social distancing measures by two more weeks.

The Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters will hold a meeting tomorrow (31st) to finalize and announce the distance adjustment plan to be implemented from next


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