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50’s – Patients with underlying diseases – Janssen vaccinated – Police also vaccinated with ‘Booster Shot’ from November | yunhap news

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Booster vaccinations are Pfizer or Moderna… Janssen vaccinations can select Janssen

Moderna vaccine uses half the dose… “Vaccinate after 6 months and do not exceed 8 months”

To resolve the anxiety of adverse reactions, the academy-centered ‘Vaccine Safety Committee’ to be formed

Inoculation of ‘Booster Shot’ from November

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Shin Jae-woo = From next month, the government will start additional vaccination (boost shot) for the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) vaccine for adults in their 50s, people with underlying diseases, and Janssen vaccine recipients.

In principle, booster vaccinations should be given six months after the completion of the primary vaccination.

On the 28th, the COVID-19 Vaccination Response Promotion Team announced the ‘November to December vaccination implementation plan’.

In consideration of the risk of infection, severe and death, and the possibility of breakthrough infection, the promotion group added those in their 50s, those with underlying diseases, Janssen vaccines, and occupational groups with priority vaccinations as targets for additional vaccinations.

Booster vaccination refers to receiving the vaccine as many times as recommended and then re-vaccinating the vaccine after a certain point in time to reinforce the preventive effect.

Prior to this, the authorities prioritized 3.69 million people, including those with weakened immunity, the elderly over 60, workers in Corona 19 treatment hospitals and medical institutions above hospital level, residents and workers in nursing homes, nursing facilities, and infection-vulnerable facilities, and started inoculation from this month.

There are more than 2.05 million new subjects who can receive booster vaccinations between November and December.

Those in their 50s had a higher fatality rate (0.31%) when infected with COVID-19 than other age groups (0.07% in their 20s and 40s), so they were included in the additional vaccination list.

Currently, 7.91 million people in their 50s have been vaccinated, of which 320,000 have been vaccinated six months after the primary vaccination. The rest will be vaccinated sequentially from next year.

People with underlying diseases are at high risk of severe and death from infection. This time, endocrine, cardiovascular, chronic kidney, chronic respiratory, nervous system, and digestive diseases were selected as subjects for booster vaccination.

A booster vaccination is recommended for those with the disease at the doctor’s discretion. As the target group requires a separate judgment for inoculation, the number of recipients is flexible.

50's - Baseline disease - Janssen vaccinated - Police also inoculated with 'Booster Shot' from November (CG)
50’s – Baseline disease – Janssen vaccinated – Police also inoculated with ‘Booster Shot’ from November (CG)

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The 1.48 million Janssen vaccine recipients were subject to additional vaccinations due to a high rate of so-called “breakthrough infection,” in which they were infected due to a lack of antibodies even after receiving the recommended number of vaccinations for each vaccine.

In April-October last year, Janssen had 266.5 cases per 100,000 people vaccinated by vaccine, much higher than AstraZeneca (99.1 cases), Pfizer (48.2 cases), Moderna (4.6 cases), and cross-inoculation (71.1 cases).

It was considered that the risk of infection and transmission is high for first responders to COVID-19, workers at clinic-level medical institutions and pharmacies, care workers, special education and childcare, public health teachers and nurses at daycare centers, and police, firefighting, and military personnel due to the nature of their work. The target audience is 25,000.

According to the reservation/inoculation schedule, Janssen vaccine vaccinates make reservations through the vaccination advance reservation system (http://ncvr.kdca.go.kr) from 8 p.m. on the same day, and start vaccinations from the 8th of next month.

Those in their 50s, those with underlying diseases, and the priority vaccination occupation group will make a reservation from 8 pm on the 1st of next month, and get vaccinated from the 15th.

[코로나19 예방접종 대응추진단]

[코로나19 예방접종 대응추진단]

In the case of using residual vaccines at medical institutions, additional vaccinations are possible from the 1st of next month by using the preliminary list. Additional vaccinations are available from the middle of next month through same-day reservations on Naver-Kakao social networking service (SNS).

For booster vaccination, Pfizer or Moderna vaccines of the mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) family are basically used. If possible, it is recommended to use the same vaccine as previously used.

Janssen vaccine recipients can receive a booster dose with Janssen if they wish.

It is not recommended that one person receive a total of three doses while using three vaccines. If the first dose was given with the AstraZeneca vaccine and the second dose was given with the Pfizer vaccine, it is better to use Pfizer, not Moderna, for the third dose.

The Pfizer and Janssen vaccines use the basic dose, and the Moderna vaccine uses only half of the dose (0.25ml, antigen amount 50㎍).

In principle, the booster vaccination should be done 6 months after the completion of the primary vaccination, and preferably within 8 months. However, if there is a reason such as leaving the country or treating a disease, additional vaccinations can be administered from 4 weeks prior to 6 months after the completion of the basic vaccination.

As for the primary vaccination, those who have immunocompromised immunity and the majority of young adults with high activity are Janssen vaccinations, and they can receive a booster vaccination two months after the basic vaccination.

COVID-19 Vaccination Center
COVID-19 Vaccination Center

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The promotion team announced that it would form a ‘Covid-19 Vaccine Safety Committee’ (tentative name) centered on the ‘Korea Academy of Medicine’ to relieve public anxiety about adverse reactions to vaccines.

The committee decided to conduct a broad review of adverse reactions at home and abroad.

The government will promote prompt damage compensation based on the analysis of the committee and reinforce the vaccination safety management system by expanding the medical expense support limit from 10 million won to 30 million won for cases determined as ‘insufficient evidence of causality’ in the damage compensation deliberation.

The promotion team decided to encourage vaccination of those who have not been vaccinated or who have not completed it by the end of the year.

Among adults over the age of 18, there are 5.17 million people who have never been vaccinated.

There are 330,000 incomplete patients who have not been vaccinated even after the due date for the second vaccination has passed. Incomplete cases are 0.9% of the total number of inoculations.

Those wishing to be vaccinated can receive the same day inoculation with residual vaccines from the inoculation institution without a separate reservation.

The promotion team said, “We will encourage those who have not been vaccinated for the second dose through individual text messages, and will continue to provide information on the necessity and effectiveness of completing the vaccination.”

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