51-year-old female IG met self-proclaimed Korean engineer “Oppa” who falsely claimed to have cancer and scammed 9.64 million

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Some people fall into online love scams and fraudsters scams and lose huge amounts of money. Among them, the love fraud case even staged a typical tragic Korean drama plot. The 51-year-old woman met a self-proclaimed Korean engineer on a social platform two years ago and became a couple. Later the other party falsely claimed she had cancer and asked for money for an organ transplant operation; and planned to leave more than 40 million inheritance to the female victim Cheating the female victim of 9.64 million yuan; until the other party lost contact, the victim began to suspect that she had been tricked and called the police.

According to sources, the female victim in the online love scam met a Korean engineer who claimed to be in Poland on Instagram (IG) in September last year. Suffering from advanced lung cancer, she urgently needs money for an emergency organ transplant, otherwise it will be difficult to continue life. The female victim believed it was true, and in order to save Ailang, from September of the previous year to February of last year, she transferred about 7.78 million Hong Kong dollars to 8 bank accounts directed by the other party 35 times.

The scammer stated that he only had 3 months left to give away 47.05 million assets

By May last year, the scammer changed his excuse, saying that he had reached the end of his life, with only 3 months left to live, and promised to sell and transfer about US$6 million (about HK$47.05 million) of “net worth” to the female victim. An administration fee is required. The female victim then followed the instructions and returned a total of approximately HK$1.86 million to the two accounts nine times.
It is reported that the female victim has been defrauded of almost tens of millions of money, and all of it belongs to her personal savings. It is estimated that the scammers lost contact after knowing that the female victim’s savings were running low. the female victim suspected that she had been duped and called the police in the middle of last month. Obtaining property by fraud”, no one has been arrested yet.



Han, 43, received a commission of 400 yuan for completing the task and deposited another 2.5 million.

As well as being wary of love scams, there are also different traps on the Internet. The day before yesterday, two men reported to the police, accusing them of being deceived by fraudsters. The 43-year-old said he earned commissions by “completing tasks” on an online platform. At first, he got a commission of HK$400. However, he followed the instructions and deposited about HK$2.5 million into a designated bank. in 35 times. Afterwards, the victim lost contact with the platform staff, suspected of being cheated, and called the police at 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon.

In addition, a 23-year-old man drew attention to the fact that he had responded to a stranger’s job advertisement on a social platform earlier. 200,000 Hong Kong dollars were deposited into two bank accounts designated by the other party for shopping on the platform. After that, he lost contact with the scammer and was suspected of being cheated. He called the police at 8:00 last night.

If in doubt, call Anti-Fraud Easy 18222

The “Net Keeper” police provide anti-fraud advice on online dating scams, including using a search engine to look for photos posted on the other party’s social accounts. If you have doubts about the other party’s identity, you can try to make a video call with the other party and see the other party’s account Is there any abnormality in your circle of friends? Regarding the job search scams involving bill brushers, the police reminded that fraudsters’ job adverts often claim “fast money”, “high labour”, “same day pay” or “work from home”. Applicants have low education and no work experience , If the “employer” asks for an advance payment, a deposit and a deposit before going to work, you must be careful, because in order to gain trust, some scammers will sends a small amount of commission to the victim to cheat a larger amount of money. If in doubt, call “Anti-Scam 18222”.



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