53-year-old mainland woman jailed for 26 weeks for falsely claiming she was staying in Hong Kong to visit her husband

Two domestic helpers were involved in unlicensed dentistry and were sentenced to 4 months and 2 months in prison at Sha Tin Magistrates’ Court. (profile picture)

A 53-year-old mainland woman who falsely claimed she was staying in Hong Kong to visit her husband was charged with six counts of making false representations to immigration staff and was sentenced to 26 weeks’ imprisonment at Magistrates’ Court Sha Tin today (27th). ).

The Immigration Department pointed out that the 53-year-old woman from the mainland had arrived in Hong Kong as a tourist earlier. During the period, she applied to the Immigration Department for an extension of her stay on the grounds that she needed to stay in Hong Kong visit her husband. Later, the Immigration Department found that when she applied for an extension of stay, her husband was no longer there During the investigation, she admitted that when she submitted the application for an extension, knowing that her husband was not in Hong Kong, she still reported to the immigration staff that she wanted to stay in Hong Kong to visit her husband, so she made a complaint to the immigration staff Accused of false comments.

The spokesman for the Immigration Department reiterated that any person who makes false statements to the staff is committing a crime, criminals will be prosecuted. On conviction, the maximum penalty is a fine of $150,000 and imprisonment for 14 years.

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