54 days after the disaster… the first on-site investigation into the ’10/29 disaster’

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The National Assembly’s special committee for the government’s investigation into the October 29 disaster held its first on-site investigation this morning.

This is reporter Kim Jae-kyung.

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The National Assembly’s Special Investigation Committee of the National Assembly, which began its first on-site investigation in 54 days.

The special committee, which began its first schedule with condolence at the citizen’s incense burner, immediately visited the disaster site.

[우상호/국정조사 특위 위원장]

“I cannot believe that 158 ​​Koreans were sacrificed in such a confined space.

In an alley near the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon, where 158 people were sacrificed, a situation report was held by the Chief of Police and Chief of Fire Yongsan, and the families of the victims who visited the scene wearing red scarves wept.

A family member of a victim who was urging the truth to be discovered collapsed and was taken to hospital.

“National investigation! Truth revealed!”

Opposition leaders and opposition parties welcomed that the government’s investigation was on the right track, but that the focus was different.

The ruling party emphasized that it would do its best to prepare subsequent measures to prevent this from happening again.

[정진석/국민의힘 비상대책위원장]

“I heard that I have met the bereaved families. I will refer carefully to those words one by one and prepare subsequent measures.”

On the other hand, the opposition repeatedly demanded an official apology from the president and punishment for those responsible.

[이재명/더불어민주당 대표]

“The president must make an official apology to the bereaved family and the public. And we need to take a stern reprimand from those involved in the dismissal of Minister Lee Sang-min immediately. ”

The Special Committee on Government Investigation, which began on-site investigations at the Itaewon Police Box, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, and Seoul City Hall today, plans to conduct a second on-site investigation on the Yongsan-gu Office and the Ministry Public. Administration and Security on Friday, two days later.

This is Kim Jae-kyung from MBC News.

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