580,000 U.S. daily confirmed cases… “Aggregate less than it really is”

yunhap newsThe U.S. recorded 580,000 new cases per day, the highest number on record due to the influence of Omicron.

The New York Times reported on the 31st that the number of new confirmed cases reached 580,044 in one day on the 30th (local time), renewing the previous record of 488,000.

The average number of new confirmed cases per day for seven days was also counted at 345,543, exceeding the previous seven-day average again.

The New York Times reported that it is worth paying more attention to this high figure even during the year-end holiday season, when data collection is likely to be disrupted.

The actual record may be much higher than this.

However, the curves for inpatients and deaths are much smoother than for confirmed cases.

The average number of hospitalized patients per day for 7 days was 81,847, a mere 19% increase from two weeks ago.

The average daily death toll continued to show a downward curve and decreased by 5% (1,221 people) from two weeks ago.

However, the paper also reported on the same day that several studies showed that Omicron is weaker than Delta.

In the UK, a study found that people infected with Omicron were less likely to be hospitalized than those with a previous mutation.

He also introduced a study showing that Omicron was less likely to cause lung disease than Delta.

However, in some areas of the United States such as Ohio, hospitalized patients are increasing one after another, and even personnel from the National Guard are being put into the medical field.


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