5G compatible Snapdragon 7 series “TCL 10 5G” is now available from TCL, which has the world’s highest level of display manufacturing technology! We also offer exclusive accessories with a rich lineup of designs!Corporate Release | Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Electronic Edition

5G compatible Snapdragon 7 series “TCL 10 5G” is now available from TCL, which has the world’s highest level of display manufacturing technology! We also offer exclusive accessories with a rich lineup of designs!

FOX Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Rio Igarata), an authorized distributor of TCL Communication Technology (TCL Communication), is a smartphone of TCL, a major Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer with the world’s highest level of display manufacturing technology. “TCL 10 5G” will be on sale in Japan from November 24th (Tuesday) at a selling price of 39,800 yen (tax included). At the same time, we will develop a large number of smartphone cases exclusively for TCL-10 5G at “caseplay jam (https://caseplayjam.jp)”, which has a wide variety of designs. We also sell smartphone cases for TCL 10 5G, a popular fashion brand such as FILA and LANVIN COLLECTION.


■ About TCL communication
TCL is a major comprehensive consumer electronics manufacturer in China, and sells various products around the world, from TVs, mobile phones and PCs to smart home products and electronic media. In particular, display technology is the best in the industry, and in the field of LCD TVs, we are proud to have won the number one sales volume in North America. In addition, TCL Communication, a subsidiary of TCL, has been active as a manufacturer of terminal brands such as ALCATEL and BlackBerry, but from 2019 it became the first TCL Communication to bear its own name. We started developing TCL brand smartphones, and as the first step, we released the smartphone “PLEX”, which boasts overwhelming cost performance, for the first time in Japan at the end of last year, and in May 2020, the middle range smartphone “TCL 10 Pro”. In July of the same year, we released the smartphone “TCL 10 Lite”, which boasts overwhelming cost performance.

■ About TCL 10 5G
Like 10Lite, TCL 10 5G is a TCL brand terminal that was announced at CES2020 held in Las Vegas in January this year, and can use the SIMs of the three major domestic carriers (au, docomo, SoftBank) equipped with AI quad cameras. It will be a domestic model localized for possible Japan. As a mid-range 5G smartphone equipped with Snapdragon 765G, you can enjoy a comfortable smartphone life with ultra-high-speed communication.
The display, which is one of the features of TCL 10 5G, has a color difference of less than 1 (measured by TCL lab) following the previous models “PLEX”, “10 Pro” and “10 Lite”, which is the first in North America. It is a condensed version of TCL’s technology, which boasts the sales volume of LCD TVs.
The main body color is available in two colors, “Mercury Gray” and “Chrome Blue”. Both are finished in a premium design with holographic processing. In addition, the three-dimensional back glass with double-sided gloss processing is used to provide a natural feel and the best feel.

Equipped with 5G communication
5G will be the 5th generation mobile communication system, which will be the next generation of LTE-Advanced. In addition to high speed and large capacity, multiple connections and low latency (real time) have made it possible to meet a wide range of needs from human devices to IoT. The TCL 10 5G delivers uninterrupted and revolutionary speed connectivity that enhances data bandwidth and connectivity reliability. Experience high-speed streaming, downloads, enhanced AI features and precision GPS.

6.53 inch FHD + display
The TCL 10 5G display uses a 6.53 inch FHD + display (1080 x 2340), and partly because it uses an embedded selfie camera, it has achieved a screen-to-body ratio of 91%. The color difference △ E of the display is less than 1, which is the best in the industry (measured by TCL lab), and provides a more realistic visual.

Real-time display optimization processing
In addition to playing “HDR10” content, TCL 10 5G is equipped with a function that remasters normal SDR videos and automatically up-converts them to HDR-like contrast and hue.

Equipped with AI quad camera
The TCL 10 5G is equipped with a powerful AI quad camera, and the 64 megapixel main camera can recognize scenes and subjects and take optimal photos and videos. The second camera is a 2 million pixel depth sensor camera, the third camera is a 5 million pixel macro lens camera that can shoot delicate details even in close-up photography of 2 cm, the fourth camera has 8 million pixels It is a 118 degree super wide-angle camera.

In addition, an embedded 16-megapixel selfie camera is mounted on the top of the display, and 4-in-1 big pixel technology (four small 0.9 μm pixels are automatically 1.8 μm) that enables brighter selfies. (Technology that fuses with large pixels) is applied.

Equipped with “smart key”
In the “smart key” held on the side of the terminal, each action is assigned to single press, double press, and long press, and it is possible to call any action.

Equipped with super Bluetooth function
It can be connected to 4 audio devices at the same time via Bluetooth, enabling realistic stereo sound and sharing by multiple people.

■ TCL – 10 5G specs
OS:Android 10
CPU:Qualcomm Snapdragon 765
SIM type: Single SIM (nano-SIM)
Size: 76.6 × 163.5×9.1mm
Weight: 210g
Body color: Mercury Gray / Chrome Blue
Display: 1080 x 2340 pixels (6.53 inch FHD +)
Storage: 128GB
Rear camera: quad camera
・ Main camera: 64 million pixels
・ Depth sensor camera: 2 million pixels
・ Macro camera: 5 million pixels
・ Wide-angle camera: 8 million pixels
Front camera (embedded): 16 million pixels (with 4-in-1 big pixel technology)
Battery: Li-Ion 4500mAh
Frequency: 3 major domestic carriers (au, docomo, SoftBank) SIM can be used
・5G :n78 (3.6-3.7 GHz (100MHz)), n78 (3.7-3.8 GHz (100MHz)), n77 (3.9-4.0 GHz (100MHz)), n77 (4.0-4.1 GHz (100MHz))
・4G LTE :B1/3/8/18/19/26/28/41/42
・ 3G : B1 / 6/8/19
・2G :850/900/1800/1900

■ Accessories
・ USB Type C charging cable
・ AC adapter (9V / 2A)
・ SIM tray eject pin
・ Transparent case
・ Quick guide
・ Safety information sheet

■ After-sales service
・ Full support as an authorized distributor
・ One-year terminal warranty (starting from the date of purchase of the terminal)
・ Call center

■ Terminal price
Selling price: 39,800 yen (tax included)

■ Handling sites and stores
・ FOX STORE Hankyu Men’s Tokyo (2-5-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Hankyu Men’s Tokyo 7th floor)
・ FOX STORE HINKA RINKA Ginza store (5-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Tokyu Plaza Ginza 3F HINKA RINKA 1st)
・FOX ONLINE STORE(https://caseplay.jp/products/tcl-10-5g)
・ FOX STORE Rakuten Ichiba store (https://item.rakuten.co.jp/tcl-communication/tcl-10-5g/)
・ FOX STORE Yahoo! Shopping Store (https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/caseplay/tcl-10-5g.html)
・ BicCamera.com (https://www.biccamera.com/bc/main/)
・ Yodobashi Camera.com (https://www.yodobashi.com/)
・ Murauchi.com (https://www.murauchi.com/)
・ Nojima Online (https://online.nojima.co.jp/)

■ Accessories for TCL 10 5G
We will develop a large number of smartphone cases exclusively for TCL 10 Lite at “caseplay jam (https://caseplayjam.jp)”, which has a wide variety of designs. We also sell smartphone cases for TCL 10 5G, a popular fashion brand such as FILA and LANVIN COLLECTION.

caseplay jam for TCL 10 5G
caseplay jam (https://caseplayjam.jp) is an on-demand print service that enables a wide variety of designs without having inventory. We support more than 160 models, including iPhone cases and Android smartphones, which have many models, and offer smartphone cases that you can choose from over 2000 abundant designs. With the launch of the TCL 10 5G, we have prepared about 400 different designs.
Selling price: 2,980 yen (excluding tax) ~

Sports brand “FILA” was born in 1911 in Viera, Italy. A playful design clear case that has been reborn as a “slightly fashionable” fashion brand as well as a sports style by a rebranding strategy with the theme of “FUN FEEL LIFE”.
Selling price: 3,300 yen (excluding tax) FOX ONLINE STORE limited

“LANVIN COLLECTION” is a brand that incorporates the essence of “LANVIN”, the oldest couture maison in France, and expresses the same elegance. A clear case with a design full of “cheeky playfulness” colored with a modern approach.
Selling price: 4,800 yen (excluding tax) FOX ONLINE STORE limited

■ About FOX STORE limited TCL 10 5G reservation / purchase benefits
As with TCL 10 Lite, we will send you a gift code for 5,000 yen (tax included) that you can purchase for free * 1 on the “case play jam” site for hard cases and clear cases compatible with TCL 10 5G by email as a purchase privilege. I will. Please choose from more than 200 designs and proceed to the purchase procedure * 2 * 3 * 4.
* 1: You can purchase for 0 yen including shipping and consumption tax by using the gift code. The upper limit is 5,000 yen including tax.
* 2: Only the case for TCL 10 5G, and if you purchase the gift code within 5,000 yen including tax, the delivery method will be cat POS only even if you specify the courier service.
* 3: It can be used for other cases, mobile batteries, smartphone cases, etc. However, please note that a separate payment will be required for purchases exceeding 5,000 yen including tax.
* 4: To use the gift code, please enter the 16-digit random character string sent by e-mail in the “Gift card or coupon code” input field on the page where you enter the purchaser information.

As a new model of TCL brand smartphones, we are announcing the release of TCL 10 5G in Japan, which is compatible with 5G and boasts an innovative communication speed that is currently attracting attention in the media.
The TCL 10 5G is an entry model among 5G smartphones, and is scheduled to support Rakuten SIM, which is the cheapest in the industry and supports 5G. It can be predicted that most of the new smartphones in the future will be compatible with 5G, but the TCL 10 5G is priced at an affordable price, making it an easy product to experience 5G.
Lifestyles have changed significantly due to the effects of the new coronavirus. Demand for smartphones and tablets is increasing, and I think that it is a product that allows customers to watch videos, etc. on a beautiful LCD more smoothly.
Continuing from the previous time, we have also prepared a rich lineup of accessories for this TCL 10 5G. I think it is a very important initiative to differentiate it from other Android devices. This time, those who purchase TCL 10 5G from our directly managed site FOX ONLINE STORE will receive a gift code of 5,000 yen (tax included) that can be used with Caseplay jam mentioned above as a purchase privilege. Caseplay jam offers over 300 designs for TCL 10 5G. We hope that more people will experience the “fun of choosing a smartphone case”.

■ FOX Company Profile
Company name: FOX Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-2-1 Arirangcho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo X-PRESS 10F, Arirangcho
Representative Director: Rio Igarata
FOX.INC URL: http://foxinc.jp

<Business content>
Since its founding, FOX has cultivated abundant procurement routes from overseas and various sales channels in Japan, and has expanded overseas products to the domestic market centered on branding and promotion for “for Japan”. We carefully select cases and accessories related to smartphones and tablets and IoT products from all over the world, and proceed with our business based on the concept of proposing products and services that add “surprise” and “excitement” to our customers’ lifestyles. Based on the solid connections and know-how cultivated there, not only as an import and sales agent, but also from products such as support for overseas manufacturers to expand into Japan, support for domestic manufacturers to expand sales channels, and consulting services for product development of each manufacturer. We are active in a wide range of fields, including service development. We will continue to provide consistent support and innovative solutions from the discovery of issues to their resolution from the new perspective of “designing a business.”

■ Inquiries regarding this matter
FOX Co., Ltd.
Phone number: 03-3572-4094
Email: [email protected]

To company press release details

* Product prices, specifications, service details, etc. described in the news release are as of the date of announcement. Please note that it is subject to change without notice.


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