5g in india, if 5G comes, will 4G speed decrease or increase?, All you need to know – how is the 5g rollout effect 4g network in india

There will be no more delay in bringing 5G in India. Soon, private telecom companies like Reliance Jio, Airtel and VI will start making 5G network available on a commercial basis. Have you thought what will happen to the 4G network if the 5G network becomes operational in India? Will 4G speeds decrease or increase with the arrival of 5G? Technology experts say it is likely to increase. They also state some reasons for this. Let’s see how 5G will increase the speed of 4G.

Reliance Jio is the most popular telecom company in India. So, Jio has the best spectrum systems and a large 4G network. Despite this, users of Jio and other telecom companies are facing network issues. This happens when many people use the network. Each network is only able to serve a certain number of people and sometimes if more people come to that network there will be problems in the network.

It is enough to remove crowd or congestion in that area to eliminate problems due to overload in the network. With the advent of 5G, a large percentage of 4G network users are switching to 5G. So, the 4G network will be better. You can also get fast internet from a congestion-free network. This is one reason to say that if 5G comes, 4G will be faster.

Jio is the only operator offering 5G SA (Stand Alone) service in India. Jio’s 5G SA does not need 4G network support to survive. But 5G network works with the help of 4G network in 5G NSA (Non Stand Alone) provided by other operators. As more Jio users move to 5G, the rest will get better data speeds on 4G itself.

5G NSA is no different. 5G NSA works with 4G core support. But the 5G spectrum is different. Therefore, when the number of people using 4G decreases, it is possible to get more speed in the network. Anyway, with the implementation of 5G network in India, the speed of 4G network in the country will increase a lot. There are indications that 5G will be available in selected cities by next month. All the private telecom operators have owned the spectrum to start the first phase.

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