5G is growing against inflation

Igor Morel, Chairman of the Board, Ericsson Thailand, said Ericsson ConsumerLab’s 5G: The Next Wave, the largest consumer 5G research report. shows that The next wave of 5G prospects has different technology expectations, with 5G moving from early adopter to mass adoption. It is estimated that at least 30% of smartphone users plan to subscribe to 5G networks within the next year.

“5G networks are becoming a key driver. For startups using industry leading metaverse technologies like socializing, playing and digital shopping in an interactive 3D virtual reality gaming platform. Additionally, the amount of time 5G users spend on Augmented Reality (AR) applications has doubled over the past two years. “

5G users experiencing Augmented Reality (XR) will be among the first users to embrace the devices of the future. AR applications are expected to move from smartphones to head-mounted XR devices within the next two years.

The 5G-the Next Wave report also reveals six key trends: 1. 5G usage will continue to grow against inflation. With at least 510 million users in 37 markets worldwide, 5G will likely be enabled by 2023. 2.5G users will have high expectations for network performance. especially the different signal signal to the users in the trendsetters who care about innovative services

3. The availability of 5G will become the new standard of consumer satisfaction. geographic network signal Indoor and outdoor signal coverage including signal in the Hot Spot

4.5G is driving more efficient use of video and AR technology. In the last two years, 5G users have doubled the use of AR applications to two hours per week.

5G is growing against inflation

5. 5G monetization models will evolve, with 6 out of 10 consumers expecting 5G-related offers to go beyond just more traffic and speed. Towards On-Demand Network Capabilities 6. 5G adoption is driving the metaverse, with the average 5G user spending an hour per week on meta-related services.

in Thailand The study found that 5G availability among Thai users is high, with 47% of users planning to subscribe to 5G in 2023, and around 9 out of 10 current users say they do not want to go back to 4G networks, even if 5G costs more. showing strong growth prospects Consumers also see network coverage as the main reason for 5G subscriptions, while 92% of 5G early adopters demand more innovative services and devices.

The research interviewed more than 49,000 consumers in 37 countries, making it the world’s largest global consumer survey related to 5G to date, and the largest consumer survey conducted by Eri Kason on all topics which is the scope of this survey which represents the opinions of approximately 1.7 billion consumers worldwide. including around 430 million 5G network users.


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