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Held match

Request for visit

In this match, we will operate in accordance with the “J.League New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Response Guidelines” with the aim of holding the match while preventing infection with the new coronavirus as much as possible.
Matsumoto Yamaga FC has stipulated restrictions on the operation of entrance gates and support methods in accordance with the “J.League New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Response Guidelines”.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation so that our fans, supporters, staff, and related parties can spend their time in good health.

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As for the number of people who can enter the stadium, it is possible to watch the game with a stadium capacity of 100%.
* You can watch the game in the next seat instead of leaving one seat apart.

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Click here for information on using the Season Pass, purchasing tickets, and applying for the “Children’s Dream Invitation Ticket” in advance.

Precautions for admission

  • Preschoolers do not need a ticket to watch a parent’s lap.
  • PET bottles, bottles and cans over 701㎖ cannot be brought into the venue.
    (Hairsprays other than beverages cannot be brought in as well)

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Opening hours

About the formation of the waiting line

■ Gates 1 and 4

◆ About waiting line formation of advance admission waiting line lottery participants
From 15:00, we will arrange the lines for those who applied for the advance admission waiting line lottery.

* Based on the waiting line formation situation of this season, the formation of the 1-gate advance entry waiting line has been changed as follows from the Imabari War. Please check in advance.

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If there is a system setting defect in the J League official app “Club J.LEAGUE” and you applied for the advance admission waiting line lottery from 12:00 to 15:00 on June 19 (Sun), please open the gate. I couldn’t make a selection and couldn’t accept it normally.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please apply again during the following period.

■ Iwaki FC match advance admission waiting line lottery application period
From June 20th (Monday) 13:00 to June 24th (Friday) 20:00

■ Slope gate

■ Back gate

* Those who line up at the slope gate / back gate will be lined up as follows. (image)

■ 2 gates

If you are an away supporter, please check here.

Reception / event start time

Precautions in the hall

  • You can temporarily leave and re-enter from the “re-entry gate” near Gate 1 and the back stand gate. We will give you a re-entry ticket at the time of temporary exit, so we will confirm the re-entry ticket at the time of re-entry. (From 15:30 to 19:10)
  • There is no smoking area to avoid close contact and reduce the risk of infection. In addition, smoking is prohibited in the Sky Park including Sunpro Alwin.
  • We will set up a garbage separation place in the hall, but it is strictly prohibited to bring in garbage from your home or to dispose of hygiene-related garbage such as masks in the hall.

■ About watching and passing home supporters and away supporters

  • Home side stand concourse, home unreserved seats, and exciting pitch seats cannot be watched while wearing away supporter goods. In addition, you cannot watch the game while wearing home supporter goods at the stand concourse away unreserved seats on the away side.
  • After the start of advance admission, we will temporarily block the passage near the entrance to Gate 2 until the admission of the away team supporters is completed.
  • From around 15 minutes in the second half, we will block a part of the stand concourse on the away side. Only away supporters can leave Gate 2.
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■ About posting banners

  • Supporters who wish to post the banner on the day of the match should gather at the following places and times.
    [Home supporter]In front of 4 gates 14: 00-14: 45
    [Away supporter]2 gates in front 14: 50-15: 20 (preliminary explanation will be given from 14:40)
  • The staff will explain the posting method and location on the day of the event, so please follow the instructions.
  • Banners cannot be installed on the seats to prevent new coronavirus infections.

Watching rules and manners

Other “watching rules and manners”

Matsumoto Yamaga FC “Match Management Regulations”

■ J-League common watching manners and rules




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