‘6 billion building owner’ Kian 84, 350 million won and 70 monthly rent released..”It’s good because it’s a new house”

Webtoon writer and broadcaster Gian 84 (Kim Hee-min) recently moved into a new house.

On the 15th, Gian 84 uploaded a V-log (video recording daily life) on his YouTube channel ‘Life 84’ and said, “My thirty-nine-year-old life has begun again.” Then, he revealed the house he recently moved into and said, “This is a house that costs 350 million won and 700,000 won a month.”

Gian 84 said, “It’s a new house, so the scenery is nice and clean.” “When I was young, I thought jeonse was the best, but after living for about 20 years, I don’t think it’s bad to buy a house with a loan.”

He also revealed the recently collected sneakers and said, “The only hobby these days is buying and collecting sneakers.” Gian 84 introduced a number of overseas luxury brand sneakers, from limited edition sneakers that singer G-Dragon collaborated with sports brand Nike to collect topics.

He explained, “I didn’t understand buying sneakers or figures until a few years ago. But when I actually bought them, I was very satisfied because it felt like I was being compensated for not having expensive sneakers when I was young.”

Meanwhile, in November 2019, Kian84 bought a building with one basement and four above the ground in Seokchon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul for 4.6 billion won. The current market price of this building is 6 billion won, which is said to have risen by 1.4 billion won in two years.

He is currently appearing on MBC’s entertainment program ‘I Live Alone’.

Reporter Lee Ji-soo of Digital News Team




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