6 Blockings of Immortal Dae-Young Jung… Korea Expressway Corporation’s most 10 consecutive wins

Korea Expressway Corporation reached the turning point in the 2021-2022 season with a team-best 10 consecutive win streak.

The Road Corporation defeated KGC Ginseng Corporation with a set score of 3-1 (25-23 21-25 25-18 27-25) in the professional volleyball Dodram 2021-2022 V League Women’s Visit Match held at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the 28th.

Road Corporation, which had 4 wins and 4 losses in 8 matches at the beginning of the season, won all 10 matches from November 21st against Ginseng Corporation until today.

The 10-game winning streak is a new record for the longest winning streak by the Road Corporation team.

The Korea Road Corporation won nine consecutive victories once each in the 2011-2012 and 2014-2015 seasons, but failed to achieve 10 consecutive victories at that time.

In the third challenge, I finally filled the 10 streak.

On the 28th, after finishing the 3rd round schedule in the V-League regular league that will be held until the 6th round, the Road Construction Corporation accumulated 39 points (14-4), ranking second after Hyundai E&C (51 points, 17-1).

The gap with third place GS Caltex (34, 11 wins and 7 losses) widened by 5 points.

On this day, Kelsey Payne (registered name: Kelsey) and Park Jung-ah of the Korea Highway Corporation were sluggish in the first and second sets.

However, the road construction company had a weapon ‘blocking’ that could change the atmosphere.

Road Corporation overtook Ginseng Corporation in the blocking score by 15-7.

Jung Dae-young scored 11 points, including 6 blocking points, and Bae Yu-na also contributed with 6 points (4 blocking points).

Lee Ye-rim (4 points), from the Business League, was also put in when Park Jung-ah was shaken and played a full-fledged performance.

Kelsey (23 points, attack success rate 39.21%) and Park Jung-ah (18 points, attack success rate 30.76%), who saved strength with the help of their teammates, also gained strength with each set.

'Impossible' Jung Dae-young's Blocking 6...  Korea Expressway Corporation, the most 10 consecutive wins

The first set was easily won by the road construction company.

At 1-1, veteran center Dae-Young Jeong scored with a quick attack, and Jung-Won Moon succeeded in an open attack in the rally that followed.

Kelsey made two consecutive serve aces, and even after that, he shook the Ginseng Corporation receive line with a strong serve.

Park Jung-ah’s open attack and ginseng company setter Ha Hyo-rim’s offense continued, and in 7-1, Jeong Dae-young blocked Ko Ui-jeong’s open attack and widened the score further.

Ginseng Corporation pursued a fierce pursuit at the end of the first set, but in 23-24, Lee So-young’s serve got caught in the net, and they could not lead the match to a deuce.

In the second set, Ginseng Corporation succeeded in counterattacking with the performances of Jelena Mrazenovic (registered name: Yelena) and Joker Jung Ho-young.

Director Kim Jong-min of Road Construction started the third set and replaced Lee Ye-rim in place of Park Jung-ah.

Director Kim’s operation paid off.

Yerim Lee succeeded in an open attack in 6-7 and made the tie.

The road construction company reversed by blocking Jung Ho-young’s quick attack by Bae Yu-na, and took a step further with Lee Ye-rim’s sub-scoring.

At 9-7, the roadworks got lucky as the opposing gun Yelena’s back-attack went out of line.

After that, the Road Corporation accumulated points using Kelsey and Yerim Lee.

In the third set, Kelsey scored 6 points and Yerim Lee scored 4 points.

'Impossible' Jung Dae-young's Blocking 6...  Korea Expressway Corporation, the most 10 consecutive wins

Ginseng Corporation tried to lead the match to 5 sets.

He also led 13-9 in the fourth set.

However, Dae-Young Jung, the ‘Center of Immorality’, put the brakes on it.

Daeyoung Chung blocked Yelena’s open, Han Song-i’s quick attack, and Lee Sun-woo’s open attack in 10-13.

Dae-Young Jung’s three consecutive blocking goals made the road tie 13-13.

The Ginseng Corporation led the 4th set to Deuce amid Yelena’s fierce battle.

However, at the end of the game, Kelsey and Park Jung-ah, two of the road construction companies, showed their power.

25-25 Park Jung-ah scored the open goal.

When Jeon Sae-yan received Jelena’s back-attack, Kelsey ended the battle with an open attack.

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