6 Myths About Foot Health And How To Take Care Of Your Feet


Corn doesn’t fall out when soaked in water

To spend the coming summer in good health foot healthshould pay attention to Dr. Tracy Blahovic, an orthopedic surgeon at Temple University in the U.S., said, “To keep your feet healthy, don’t blindly believe in the myths about your feet. Check the condition of your feet frequentlyDo it,” he said. Health Day News based on Dr. Vlahovic’s opinion Myths about foot health 6 kinds wrong pointclass foot careintroduced about


Don’t you need sunscreen on your feet?

LegWow foot areaoccurring in cutaneous cancerare often discovered too late. The mortality rate is high because it is an area that people often overlook when undergoing a dermatological examination or treatment. a lot of people sunscreenforget to apply low sunscreen indexBecause it is often applied.

on the legs and feet UV BWow UV A protection effectwith UV protection factor of 15 or moreApply what is Apply every 2-3 hoursDon’t forget to apply it more often when going back and forth in the water at the beach or sweating a lot.

What is the best way to clip your toenails?

Cutting too short can cause the toenail to dig inward. diabetespatient with toenailsecond The tighter the cut, the more dangerousdo. claws insideIf you dig into it and grow infectioncan cause boiland may require surgery. It is better to leave the toenail slightly longer and cut it naturally along the curve of the toenail.


Does soaking your feet in vinegar kill athlete’s foot?

vinegaris infected athlete’s foot layercannot penetrate through more appropriate cureif not done athlete’s foot infectionsilver the other clawwill spread to athlete’s foot Dermatologyme podiatry find a specialist diagnosisIt is good to receive Follow their instructions to slow the recurrence of athlete’s foot.

If I soak it in water for a long time and then rub it, does the corn disappear?

At home cornIf you soak your feet in water for a long time and then rub the area, the corns will come off temporarily, but it will not completely remove even the roots of the corns. the corn in the skinto Rootis deeply embedded

Where the shoes come into contact toe knuckleto cornif this is attached deformed foot shapeIt can also be the main reason for making In order to completely remove the corn, the deformed foot must be held straight and when it comes into contact with the shoe, frictionthere should be no shoes are shoes with wide toe spaceIt is good to wear


Is it healthy to wear flat shoes or walk barefoot?

This is a common misconception because many people have only talked about the problem of high heels. cooking type sandalssilver weightbecause it cannot support Plantar fasciitis, ankle sprain, tendonitis can cause etc.

flat shoesto wear heel painclass blistercan cause In addition tight toe shoessilver toes deformityMade with , inside the big toe Inflammationmakes this happen bare footIf you walk around, you will get stabbed or torn by hard and sharp things, bruises and damage to your toenails. woundcan cause

cooking type sandalsor flat shoesIt is recommended to wear it only for a short time, but if you need to wear it for a long time Achilles tendon tensionmust be released frequently. diabetesor Patients with peripheral vascular diseaseis better to walk barefoot at home. but always out of the house shoesshould wear

Are athlete’s foot and warts not transmitted?

both contagiousthis is strong damp and confined spacespreads easily in athlete’s footclass mantisis the sole of the foot crack the skin and penetrate into it. feet cleanlet me do biteto be gone dry wellthis is good

bathsor shower roomsecond cleanhave to make it In bathrooms, etc., people who have athlete’s foot should be careful, such as informing others first so that they do not spread the disease. what if public bathWhen you need to use personal slippersIt is good to wear

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