60 million! Received 1st prize, Khon Kaen’s daughter reveals her luck, ideal variety 32, purchase them all

Daughter of Nong Ruea, province.Khon Kaen fortune he gained 1st prize in the federal government lottery Amount of 10 tickets, complete value of 60 million baht exposedbefore the lotteryDreamed that his brother was driving a auto with a registration ending in 2232 slipping into the water, which is the identical amount as the final four digits of a mobile cellphone quantity. Collectively with himself, aged 32, he carried out an featuring ceremony to open a new store, he saw the number 32 seem on the grapefruit peel. It was decided to speak to the vendor of the lottery to request a deal with all the restrictions of numbers 3 and figures 2

At 19:00 on September 1, 2022, reporters located a share on social media. Photograph of the man or woman who won the 1st prize in the raffle on September 1, 2022, a total of 10 tickets, so contacted to inquire.prize winner know the title Miss out on Chanitha Phimpa 32 years previous, dwelling at 176 Moo 17, Non Thong Subdistrict, Nong Ruea District, Khon Kaen Province

Ms Chanitha Phimpa, 32, explained she experienced been utilizing a phone selection ending in 2232 for a extended time and before the day of the lottery. I dreamed that my brother drove my car or truck into the drinking water. The car that drove his brother into the drinking water was registered in 2232. Later, on August 31, previous yr, a ceremony was held to open an electrical gear store.The selection 32 appears on the surface of the grapefruit. The quantity discovered on the grapefruit pores and skin and the auto registration. which include the identical telephone amount, so check outTry out your luck by shopping for government lottery tickets. By linking to obtain from the page that sells lotteries. which is recognized from the site that there have been 50 quantities ending in 2 and 3, so it was determined to invest in them all.

Until the time when the lottery draws the prize so he introduced the lottery to examine and discovered that he received the 1st prize of 10 cards, variety 928332, 33rd installment, 16-25th installment, a overall of 10 tickets, 1 September 2022, a overall of 60 million baht.Provide the winning lottery tickets to a everyday entry as proof.