60-year-old throwing iron bowls at Lee Jae-myung, “I’m drinking because it’s noisy”

Lee Jae-myung looking at the iron bowl as it flies

picture explanationLee Jae-myung looking at the iron bowl as it flies

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A man in his 60s who threw an iron bowl at Lee Jae-myung, a candidate of the Democratic Party of Korea, who was running for the National Assembly by-election in Gyeyang, Incheon, was found to have committed the crime because the campaign was noisy.

Incheon Gyeyang Police Station announced on the 21st that it is investigating and arresting a man in his 60s on charges of obstructing the election under the Public Official Election Act.

Person A is suspected of obstructing the election campaign by throwing an iron bowl at Lee while walking on the sidewalk outside the building at a restaurant in Gyesan-dong, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon at 9:35 pm the previous day.

Person A was having a drink with an acquaintance on the outdoor terrace on the first floor, and as the candidate campaign passed by the store, it was investigated that he threw a stainless steel bowl containing chicken bones.

He was confirmed to have stated to the police, “It was because I was drinking and it was noisy and bad.”

At the time, Candidate Lee was on a street campaign with Candidate Yoon Hwan of Gyeyang-gu Mayor and Candidate Duk-je Jo of District Councilor. There were supporters and young students around, but fortunately there were no injuries.

Candidate Lee’s side announced to reporters after the incident, “Lee was hit in the head by an iron bowl thrown by an unidentified person while campaigning for a walking street.”

The police plan to review whether to apply for an arrest warrant after conducting additional investigations against Mr.

A police official said, “At first, it was known that the bowl flew from the second floor, but it was confirmed that Mr. A threw it from the first floor.” “We will investigate whether there is another motive.”


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