655 new cases in the country today, the cumulative total of 2.45 million in January, 12 deaths and 32,718 deaths.

COVID-19 Information Center The number of confirmed cases in the last 24 hours has increased by 655, with 12 deaths, while the total number of confirmed cases in January was 2,454,917, the cumulative total since the outbreak was 4,678,352, with 32,718 deaths.

Today (September 25) at 7:30 am, COVID-19 Information Center Report on the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 The cumulative results for Thailand on 25 September 2022 are as follows:

Found the number of new cases of COVID-19, 655 people were hospitalized, with 12 additional deaths, the cumulative death toll was 11,029 people between January 1 – September 24, 2022, with a cumulative number of pneumonia patients 2,454,917 in the 524 hospital.

The cumulative number of infections since the outbreak began in early 2020 has reached 4,678,352, and the cumulative death toll is 32,718.

COVID-19 Information Center The report added that Total recoveries from COVID-19 in the country, 1,032 new cases today, 2,469,446 cumulative recoveries (from January 1 – September 24, 2022) 4,637,985, of which 7,694 are being treated at this time.

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