67 Specified Places Included in Mandatory Testing Notice – RTHK

There are 67 designated places included in the mandatory testing announcement, and those who have stayed in the designated places for more than two hours must have nucleic acid tests tomorrow or the day after the announcement.

In response to multiple positive test cases, 62 specific places have been included in the announcement, including Junjie Garden, No. 48 Lytteton Road, Middle Levels, Hing Hong House, Hing Tung Estate, Shau Kei Wan, Hoi Ning Court, South Horizons , Ap Lei Chau, and Shun On, Taikoo Shing Mansion, Lai Tat House, On Tat Estate, 8 Lagoon City, 8 Sacred Residences, 3 and 4 Hung Hom Waterfront South Shore, 1 Tai Po Center, 2 Hung Shui Bridge Springs , Tin Shui Wai Tin Shing Court Shing Yin Court, Ma Wan There are 29 Parkland Bay, 3 Tung Chung Tung Tai Wan and 3 Sham Tseng Bayshore Peninsula, etc.

In addition, Block 24 of Xinghua Village, Block 22 of Regent Garden, Block 7 of Tianzhu in Ho Man Tin, No. 41-43 and No. 45-47 of Broadway Street, Phase 3 of Mei Foo New Village, collected sewage samples and tested positive Mandatory inspection announcement

The Government will be adding temporary mobile sampling stations tomorrow at Sham Tseng, Park Island, Ma Wan Park Island and Hung Fook Estate, Hung Shui Kiu.

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