672 new corona19 confirmed…600 confirmed for the fourth day

Late 600 people confirmed despite weekend influence… beyond the threshold of ‘4th pandemic’

As of today 0 o’clock, there are 672 new corona19 confirmed cases. Since the 15th (698), there have been 600 confirmed cases for four consecutive days.

According to the Central Defense Countermeasure Headquarters, among the infection routes of new confirmed cases, 649 people occurred in the region and 23 people came from abroad. By region, there were 202 people in Seoul, 181 in Gyeonggi, and 19 in Incheon, with 402 confirmed cases in the metropolitan area alone. There were 247 confirmed cases in the non-metropolitan area, with 30 in Busan, the highest number, 26 in Gyeongbuk and 21 in Jeonbuk.

Looking at the latest aspect, it has crossed the threshold of the ‘4th pandemic’ after passing the 3rd epidemic that started in November. In the last week, the number of new confirmed cases has not decreased to 587 → 542 → 731 → 698 → 673 → 658 → 672.

The total cumulative number of confirmed cases so far is 114,115, and the number of seriously ill patients is 102. The death toll also increased by 3, so far 1,797 have died from Corona 19.


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