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Jeff and Barcode

5.) Jeff’s most awesome reaction and barcode.

Look ahead! Let’s take a look at the reaction behind the scenes. by Jeff and Barcode come in Reaction EP.5 in the scene where the two play together. which tells that the barcode is stored Not keeping a lot of symptoms, looking too embarrassed, some scenes are still unable to speak. Looking at it, it’s oh so adorable. Moreover, at the end, he said that he was so embarrassed that he had torn the pillow again haha. It’s the moment that I’ve seen, it’s very cute and heart-warming. I can tell you that it’s one of the cute couples who always support each other. ♥️????????

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Jeff and Barcode

6.) Jeff’s Last Christmas and Barcode

Jeff’s cutest and cutest moment and barcode. The next moment was called nothing but the moment when the two sang a cover song. Last Christmas together on December 24th, which is Christmas Day. Because both young Jeff and Barcode are talented young people who love singing and music, making them the perfect match. This time, Jeff plays the guitar. along with singing along with Barcode youth Which is said to be because a lot Both of their voices are unique. Plus it blends together perfectly! which in addition to the sound that is enjoyable We believe what makes many of our friends unable to stay focused. That is the eyes that the two look at each other, sure enough. what is profound smiles that meet It’s called looking and feeling cute. It’s very good for the heart like this. Then listen and watch it. >

7.) Jeff, who always cheers up the barcode♥️

Jeff and Barcode’s last moment we’d like to share with our friends was the moment when Jeff and Barcode had an interview during a fitting workshop, which they both shared. together It can be seen that Jeff is very fond of and cares about barcodes. Always Cheer up because Nong Barcode is the new young man in the entertainment industry. show teaching including singing The eyes that the two have for each other are very natural and real. Love this couple very much ????????

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It’s over for the 7 most awesome moments of Kim Porsche in KinnPorsche Story : Love Freaking Bad, Finally Freaking Love #kimchay Which must be said that Kim and Porsche or as shown by young Jeff and the barcode They’re one of the cutest couples in the KinnPorsche series. They’re all so cute, their chemistry goes well together, there’s always a head-scratching moment, they’re so natural both on-screen and off-screen. Any friends who like this couple can come to support by following Jeff and the barcode on various channels, including being able to watch the series KinnPorsche The Series. Available every Saturday at 10:30 PM on Channel One31 #KinnPorscheTheSeries#KinnPorscheLaForte#JeffBarcode

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Don’t miss out tonight!! Reaction KinnPorsche The Series La Forte EP5 Special Clip at iQIYI

“Last Christmas” – Cover By #JeffBarcode


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But what made him even more embarrassed was that Kim patted the Porsche on the head. It’s a moment that screams and screams. Very warm and tender heart ♥️


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