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7 fashion shoe designs worth paying attention to at Paris Fashion Week in spring and summer of 2022

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Original Title: 7 Fashion Shoe Designs Worthy of Attention in Paris Fashion Week in Spring/Summer 2022

Safa Sahin(@safa sahinn)

Not long ago, the shoes (especially sports shoes) on the show were often regarded as side dishes in a feast. But now, it seems that most designers want to create shoes such as Balenciaga Triple S and Dior B23 that generally have noisy topics. At the Paris Fashion Week in 2022, which has already ended, after nearly two years of digital shows, designers have finally been able to use their fists offline to find a new way to experiment with the brand’s DNA.

For example, Maison Margiela’s attention to Wellington boots and Tabi ankle boot is enough to prove that the elongated shoes will not be out of date at least in the next season; Raf Simons, the’changsheng general’, seems to have decided to stay away from any Sneakers this year, including the internal production of his brand. Runner chose the formal Derbies. The combination of punk elements and subversive formal wear made us see a more subtle Raf Simons; on other stages of the show, Givenchy, Lanvin and COMME des GARÇONS also brought wonderful Present…

A few days ago, HYPEBEAST led everyone to appreciate the scenery outside the show. This time, we will move the perspective to a lower level and bring the outstanding shoe design in this Paris Fashion Week.


  Givenchy/Matthew M Williams

As early as the end of last month, Givenchy creative director Matthew M Williams has previewed these kevlar running shoes on social media, and then took us to the 2022 spring and summer show to experience the designer’s futurism for Givenchy style.

Some people inevitably compare these shoes with YEEZY KNIT RNNR, but only from the appearance of Givenchy’s version is more structural considerations than Kanye’s work. This pair of shoes is entirely made of knitted materials, from the sole to the upper in one go, and the sole unit itself has added triangle nails and bridges for the traction and foot support of the shoe.

The version that appeared on the runway showed shoelaces (but not in the earlier announced version). From this, it can be inferred that these two pairs of shoes will have two unique versions for customers to choose from, like the Givenchy Monumental Mallow.


  Jeremy Moeller/Peter White/Jacopo Raule/Getty Images/Rob Nowill

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest highlights of Paris Fashion Week this time is that Balenciaga was presented in the form of a guest series of “The Simpsons”, and several breakthrough shoe designs were exposed at the same time. Among them, Balenciaga and Crocs cooperated shoes, using Gothic high waterproof platform instead of classic Clog clogs design, the heel is 4 inches higher than the usual models, and the brand’s iconic hardware accessories are also decorated around the outsole. In addition, in addition to the rider boots unveiled in the fall of 2021, this time Balenciaga also introduced 3D printed shoes, which also uses a similar tire modification technology to the Runner shoes recently put on by Justin Bieber.


  Heliot Emil

The two brothers Julius & Victor Juul have brought constant surprises during the fashion weeks in recent years, and the 2022 spring and summer series may be the most outstanding season of the pair so far. The brand’s iconic design for metal-covered heels has reappeared in more styles. The use of silver metal on the heel and outsole provides a more exaggerated silhouette while also having practical effects. The all black Low-cut Clog shoes show the soft side of this Copenhagen brand.

Like boys

Like boys

Rei Kawakubo’s COMME des GARÇONS seems to have become the base of the joint cooperation. The 2022 Spring/Summer series reveals the brand’s re-cooperation with Salomon. From simple black nylon and white technology mesh running shoes to black and white contrast color Slip-on, two brand logos are printed on the side of the shoes to show their identity. It is worth mentioning that each pair of Salomon joint shoes is equipped with a brand-new socks of this season, which brings attention to the shoes and returns to the socks, enriching the whole look.



Lanvin announced the first collaboration series with DC superhero Batman at Paris Fashion Week, which is a big surprise at the 2022 spring and summer conference, and the most watched item in the series is the’Curb’ tribute to the two-way Osiris D3. It must be. The huge Batman-shaped tongue covers the entire instep to the ankle. The representative mask part is reinterpreted in pink and purple. The classic thick pattern woven laces are interlaced with purple suede and black rubber decorations. The overall appearance vaguely reveals the subtle relationship between Batman and Joker. In addition, Lanvin also launched a new pair of running shoes this season. It can be seen that the overall tone is blue, brown and white, with metallic and fluorescent colors for details. This continues the brand’s 90s and Y2K sneakers. The continued obsession.



As the first black creative director of the French brand, Olivier Rousteing ushered in his tenth anniversary show at Balmain in Paris, and he also announced through social media his experience of extensive burns on his body in the past year due to fires. In addition to many topics, the series itself also left a deep impression on everyone, especially a pair of slippers created by the brand’s footwear design director Safa Sahin, which was dubbed by netizens as’pillow slippers’ because of the round shape of the shoe body. The trend of exaggerated slippers design was led by YEEZY, but Balmain let everyone see the new possibilities of’slippers’ design through a more pioneering approach.

Miu Miu

Miu Miu

In the fashion circle, co-branding of luxury brands and sports brands is nothing new, and this season New Balance has caught up with this wave of cross-border cooperation through Miu Miu. You can see the New Balance 574 on the model’s feet, and brings two colors of white and beige. Both versions have a retro design of distressed uppers. The sides and the back of the shoe are deliberately not stitched with fabric and leather, and the scattered edges are clearly visible, which fully creates the beauty of distressed tannin; the tongue part has also been simply modified, and the logo of the two has been added. Make the style coexist, and the sole part is made of raw rubber to add retro elements to the shoes.

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