7 lifeless and 8 injured in Sichuan flash flood

7 dead and 8 hurt in Sichuan flash flood

There was a flash flood in Longcaogou, Longmenshan Town, Pengzhou, Sichuan the afternoon right before yesterday. Many people today overlooked the authorities’ warnings, picnicking and camping in the river. In the flood, a father protected his son (pictured over), sitting on a major rock ready to be rescued, her lifestyle and demise were uncertain. Authorities sent rescuers to try out and help save them, but 7 men and women have been even now killed and 8 far more injured.

The spot is reported to be renowned for its surroundings and is thought of a “concealed and key scene”, and numerous persons appear below. Even though the region is posted with warning indications and fenced with barbed wire, the people dismiss the danger there, and some folks break the barbed wire to enter the river study course. Some mainland netizens explained that about an hour just before the flood, some government officers loudly warned tourists to leave, but sad to say they have been ignored, primary to a tragedy.

7 dead and 8 injured in Sichuan flash flood7 dead and 8 injured in Sichuan flash flood

7 useless and 8 wounded in Sichuan flash flood

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