7 PropTech Trends That Will Change the Future of Home Buying by 2025

Let’s see what’s trending. PropTech How did each of them change the way you buy a home?

  • 1 Many people will ask to see the house through.virtual reality technology

such as a brand Zillow in the interactive space design Open a 3D home tour through a VR device or smartphone and add AI to help answer questions about the house or Matterport leading new businesses 3D visualization used to take pictures of the area to be scanned How much area does that place have? with technology AI a Smart Metering and it can also be used across the world due to the ease of capturing images And the platform uses device software, mobile apps and cameras to show that Real estate is in every dimension.

  • 2 will be used ‘digital signature’ until a new norm

Believe it or not… There are almost 1.3 billion documents in use. Electronic signature or digital signature And it’s certified in the US! and the use of digital signatures This rapid progress disrupts personal signatures or signatures. It has had a positive impact on the growing number of digital signature service providers such as HelloSign, a digital signature service startup acquired by Dropbox.

A look at the value of the global digital signature market It is predicted to grow by an average of 26.3% annually between 2021 and 2027. By 2025 the market is expected to be worth $5 billion and by 2030 it is expected to reach $24 million, which makes for the digital signature business to grow exponentially. The platform is flexiblea safe

Source : HelloSign

  • 3 real estate industry playing a bigger role in our advertising platform and visibility.

Overall, real estate advertising is a $30 billion industry. But the advertising platform is disrupting the advertising space of the real estate business. Or eat up the real estate brand’s own advertising space. Real estate professionals may find solutions that help customize ads. Alternatively, you can use social networks to show ads to people nearby or in the same area, such as Nextdoor, a platform that connects local realtors and homeowners in the same area.

  • 4 ‘Lease Asset Management and Automation’ will disrupt management.real estatethat is

The various property management can be tailored to the needs of the property owner in real time. Technology is used to bridge the gap. increase management efficiency as well as profit generation such as Knock CRM An automated platform that provides the tools and support needed to fill technology gaps. that also helps manage real estate After raising $20 million in 2021

  • 5 People Will Be Interested In Investing In ‘Some’ Real Estate

investment world by ‘Retail investor’ it will increase greatly And this trend will go beyond just the stock market. digital currency market But it will also be a trend that occurs in the real estate market.

As starting to buy real estate requires a lot of capital. Investors are eager to participate in real estate investments with others. business operator Proptech It will focus on certain real estate assets and open for funding to increase opportunities for joint investment in another way.

  • 6′smart home‘ will be the new norm that people want

transform the house into smart home This is another way to create additional value for real estate. And according to a recent study, 62% of tenants are Gen Z We will consider homes that prioritize technology over traditional amenities such as fitness centers and car parks.

like Ecobee Home automation providers install thermostats, cameras and sensors to monitor security and automate these devices with technology. IoT

  • 7. He will see the growth of the group to Buyers

to Buyers is someone who likes to buy and sell, like buying a house and then reselling And to use automation to help buy things to sell quickly, but being an iBuyer relies on massive data and understanding a house’s potential to sell even without seeing it with your own eyes, and iBuyers will gain more attention from homeowners. , with 71% of those looking to sell their homes saying They will consider iBuyers to help sell the house.

During the pandemic, the role of iBuyers was greatly reduced, but when Thailand returned to open up the country, the balance of iBuyers also returned. Knock CRM I also believe that half of all home sales will be won by iBuyers within the next 10 years.

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