7 Protea girls go Tokyo! On stage, the elder band ends the scene of Last Idol Japan.

7 winners of “Last Idol Thailand” fly directly to Japan Join to surprise fans On the stage, the elder band joins the closing of the legend of Last Idol, showing the Thai version of Bandwagon.

Having said that, this is a very rare opportunity for the 7 girl unit “Protea” (Protea) of “Last Idol Thailand”, namely Tonnam-Bantita Santaya. Rom, Manmuk-Chadathan Dankul, Mimi-Pimmada Tangsi, Ranma-Tantaya Chichida, Simone Punnasa Tonwicha, Kae-Pannipa Wongsachai and Hai. Way-Siraprapha Saeng Panta Panich who flew to Japan To take the stage with the senior group “Last Idol” for the first time and the last time in the farewell concert “Last Idol Last Live: Last Dance/Last Smile” at the Tokyo Garden Theater, Japan

However, after the original “Last Idol” group announced their disbandment earlier this month. last Mar. The agency therefore has held a farewell concert for a total of 2 rounds on May 28-29. and giving the opportunity to 7 girls from the unit “Protea” to join the show with the seniors as well In the first round, they sang “Bandwagon” (Bandwagon), while in the second round, in addition to “Bandwagon”, they also sang “Last Ai Yoroshiku” (Last Ai Yoroshiku). The 31 members of the elder group also called it a show that was so warm and powerful that Japanese fans even applauded the Hall. It is a journey that fulfills dreams and creates good memories for the girls of Protea.

while the representatives of the Protea unit members Talking about the feeling of being able to perform in concerts for the first and last time with a senior band from Japan that When we knew that we would have the opportunity to attend this concert, we were very excited and happy. We used to watch Japanese concerts on TV screens. I didn’t think that I would be able to get on the stage of origin of “Last Idol” in Japan. It’s a dream that I don’t dare to dream. We have fully gained the experience of working with Japan. It’s a small moment, but it gives us a lot of energy and inspiration. The staff there including our 31 seniors are very professional. Even if it’s a meeting to say goodbye, it’s worth it for preparing for this stage. In addition to fully rehearsing We also prepared to practice greeting our fans in Japanese. I’m very excited and excited. We will collect the experience of this work and pass it on to other “Last Idol Thailand” members who have not come fully to develop our work further.

Thank you Thai fans for always supporting us. I want everyone to be patient and wait for us to train ourselves to become stronger. in order to have our first big concert as well.”

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