7 solutions! Basic problem of iPhone black screen freezing

Have you ever been frustrated when using your iPhone that it responds slowly or suddenly? Is the screen black or not? Let me tell you, this is a very common problem faced by many users around the world. In most cases, it is found that this can be caused by a hardware or software fault. This can be a very frustrating experience. But today we present what causes the iPhone to run slowly and a black screen.

1. Check if your iPhone battery is dead.

The first serious issue may not be the first story. Because the device battery may be in a dead spot or your iPhone may deteriorate. change the battery And it can be adjusted in the setup menu to choose to use it for high performance But if it doesn’t improve, you may have to look at the next step.

2. Check if the problem is caused by a misbehaving app

Next is to try to check. Some frequently crashing apps can cause iPhone black screen problem if the app is not updated to the new version. to solve this problem

But if you can’t fix it, you may have to delete it and find another program instead.

3. Sometimes we need to restart the iPhone (do it, it’s great).

If all steps do not work, it is recommended to restart the machine sometimes. Because doing this method will help to clear the processed files or the Cache Memory and the work will be adjusted correctly.



4. Another common troubleshooting option is to factory reset your iPhone using a Mac or PC.

When you have used all the ways to manage from your mobile phone but have not recovered. You may have to use a computer to solve the problem. Maybe it transfers the Flies out or just reset the device.


5. Update iPhone via Mac or PC

One issue that prevents the device from being used We can update the operating system. If you press update via iTunes or use a Mac to update as well But make sure to back up your data first, as doing so may cause data loss.

6. Sometimes you may need to rely on third-party apps to restore iPhone.

If using iTunes doesn’t work, you may also be able to use other programs like FoneGeek iOS to manage and recover your iPhone data as well. but the method may have to be studied a little

7. And the last trick, if nothing happens after trying all 6 above, contacting Apple support is the best solution!

If these problems don’t work The only way out is to get help from Apple Support. With this, you can find a solution to your problem, and if you have Apple Care+, you won’t have to worry about the cost . Because it allows you to get a replacement or repair for cheap or free. It is possible But the machine’s warranty does not expire first.