7 Steps to Improve Glycation End Products May Cause Chronic Diseases


A nutritionist said that eating more fruits and vegetables can increase antioxidant power and avoid the formation of free radicals and melanin; the picture shows a situational photo. (Picture taken from freepik)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]The end products of glycation are the promoters of accelerated skin aging, collagen loss, and melanin precipitation, and are closely related to physical diseases derived from obesity and metabolic syndrome. Nutritionist Xu Yuzhen reminded that if you want to avoid diseases, it is recommended to reduce the production of end-products of glycation on a daily basis, which can not only prevent chronic diseases, but also keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Xu Yuzhen posted on the Facebook fan page “Ivy Nutritionist’s Health Classroom” that female friends pursue youth and beauty throughout their lives, but skin wrinkles, collagen loss, and melanin deposition are all signs of aging. Aging is an irresistible natural phenomenon. Internal factors include aging, genetics, and diseases; external factors include air pollution, UV exposure, staying up late, stress, and smoking. In recent years, it has been found that the end products of glycation in the diet are one of the promoters of accelerated skin aging.

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The more end products of glycation, the more likely to cause chronic diseases

What are end products of glycation? Xu Yuzhen said that in simple terms, the end product of glycation is the final product formed by a series of chemical reactions after the protein, fat, and sugar molecules in the food are linked together. According to research, the more end products of glycation in the body, the more oxidative reactions and chronic inflammatory reactions in the body, and the easier it is to cause many chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, Kidney failure, etc., are also related to skin aging.

Xu Yuzhen further said that many studies have confirmed that glycation end products can change the structure of collagen and elastin in connective tissue, become stiff and lose elasticity, resulting in loose skin and wrinkles. At present, some studies have confirmed that the end products of glycation can promote the production of melanin after UV exposure, resulting in the formation of spots.

Dietary content and cooking methods are likely to cause glycation end products

1. Smoking: Smoking accelerates the formation of glycation end products and increases their deposition in various tissues, including the skin.

2. Diet content and cooking methods: Frequent consumption of high-protein and high-fat diets cooked at high temperature will cause the accumulation of end-products of saccharification, such as fried, grilled, high-temperature fried steak, pork chops, etc.

Dietitians say that high-protein, high-fat diets cooked at high temperatures will cause the accumulation of end-products of glycation. (Picture taken from freepik)

3. The content of end products of saccharification in food depends largely on the cooking method, such as cooking time and temperature. Fried foods generally contain more end products of glycation than cooked or steamed foods.

4. The choice of ingredients is also the key: red meat, cream, margarine, and mayonnaise are all ingredients with high content of end products of saccharification. And vegetables, fruits, whole grains and roots, etc., even after cooking, the content of saccharification end products will be relatively low.

5. The choice of ingredients and the way of cooking are both very important.

Xu Yuzhen emphasized that if you want to look younger, reduce the destruction of collagen, reduce the production of spots, or avoid chronic diseases, you can refer to the following 7 points:

● quit smoking.

●Changing the cooking method:Eat less meat that is fried, grilled, or boiled for a long time, and try to change it to steamed boiled or low-temperature cooking.

● Eat more fruits and vegetables:Increase antioxidant power, avoid free radicals and melanin formation.

●Consume more whole grains and roots, white meat (chicken, fish) or soy products with less oil content.

●Avoid staying up late and relieve stress appropriately.

●Do a good job of sun protection and increase vitamin D:Try to use sunscreen in summer. If you want to increase the absorption of vitamin D in the sun, you can use the time from 7 to 8 am or 5 to 6 pm.

●Multiple exercise:To help reduce the accumulation of end products of glycation in the body.

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