7 straight losses marred by director Kim Jong-guk’s miscalculation… KIA Fall Baseball Challenge ‘Shake’

Coach Kim Jong-guk watching the game

[연합뉴스 자료사진]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Im Soon-hyeon = ‘Rookie Commander’ Kim Jong-guk’s critical mistake caused the KIA Tigers to lose 7 in a row, where ‘5th place Mercury’ was a rush.

KIA lost 6-9 in the match against Samsung Lions held at the Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on the 18th and fell to a 7th consecutive losing streak.

KIA turned the game around by scoring 5 runs in the 6th inning, which fell 0-4, with three consecutive hits by Ko Jong-wook, Na Seong-beom, and Socrates Brito and a push-out walk by Choi Hyeong-woo in the 6th inning.

Manager Kim Jong-guk immediately pulled starting pitcher Lee Eui-ri and placed bull pitcher Jeon Sang-hyun on the mound.

The intention was to secure the victory by blocking the sixth inning with Jeon Sang-hyun, who was in charge of the ‘Pil Seung-jo’ together with Jang Hyun-sik this season, but as a result, the choice of coach Kim Jong-guk lead to the worst outcome.

Jeon Sang-hyun, who couldn’t play due to elbow pain after the game against SSG Landers on July 30, couldn’t catch even one inning on the right mound in 50 days.

Jeon Sang-hyun allowed a bases-loaded double by Oh Jae-il, a hit by Koo Ja-wook and a walk by Lee Won-seok, and then gave up two runs with Kim Ji-chan’s sacrifice fly and Kang Min-ho’s single.

In the end, Jeon Sang-hyun allowed Samsung to come back with three hits and two runs in ⅓ innings and was replaced by Jang Hyun-sik.

Samsung, who turned the game over again, scored three more runs in the eighth inning and won two days in a row against KIA, who were busy going into battle in 5th place.

Manager Kim Jong-guk’s ruling sent off Jeon Sang-hyun, who had just recovered from injury, in a close one-point game, the team’s seventh consecutive loss.

KIA Tigers players
KIA Tigers players

[연합뉴스 자료사진]

Coach Kim Jong-guk’s disappointing ruling was previously controversial in the second leg against the Hanwha Eagles on the 15th and 16th.

In the game on the 15th, he had a chance to score a goal at second base in the last attack in the 9th over against 1-1, but he won with a clumsy hitter.

Leadoff hitter Kim Do-young’s walk and Park Chan-ho’s sacrifice bunt gave him a chance to score. Manager Kim Jong-kook sent left-handed batter Kim Seok-hwan in for Lee Woo-ganu to bat.

It was a choice to target right-handed pitcher Hanwha Jae-min Kang, but it was a measure that ignored the statistics that left-handed batter Kim Seok-hwan is somewhat weak against right-handed pitchers.

Kim Seok-hwan is batting 0.250 against left-handed pitchers this season, but was experiencing a severe slump with a 0.176 batting average against right-handed pitchers.

Instead, Lee Woo-sung was batting 0.268 against right-handed pitchers, so replacement Kim Seok-hwan was even more disappointing.

In the end, as Kim Seok-hwan stepped down with a foul ball by the third baseman, KIA’s chance to end the ninth inning was wasted.

Director Kim Jong-guk signing autographs
Director Kim Jong-guk signing autographs

[연합뉴스 자료사진]

Coach Kim Jong-guk repeated the same mistake in the match against Hanwha on the 16th.

In the 10th overtime against 6-6, he abandoned the strategy and pushed hard on the second and third positions.

With Kim Gyu-seong, a fast runner at third base, he was able to finish the game by using various strategies such as press bunts, but coach Kim Jong-guk showed no movement.

In the end, Park Dong-on and Kim Do-young struck out in succession, and even Park Chan-ho retreated to shortstop with a ground ball, and the golden opportunity to break the losing streak was wasted.

KIA, who could not finish the game, conceded one point to Hanwha at the start of the 12th over and lost 6-7, losing 5 in a row.

Of course, it is difficult to evaluate the operation as an operation that is completely contrary to the judgment of the director Kim Jong-guk.

However, as the team has recorded seven straight losses due to consecutive penalty misses, the gap with the sixth-placed NC Dinos has narrowed to 1.5 games.

If cracks continue to occur in the opinion of coach Kim Jong-guk, KIA’s dream of the ‘Autumn Festival’ in four years is very likely to be in vain.


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