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in the play Husband Titana a young Pope plays “Mother of Luang Phisut Wiwatwong or Khun Chai” namely a man who has a crush on him and has been in love with Carat Has a quiet, tidy character, doesn’t like being unreasonable at all. The young Pope was able to portray this role very well, very naturally, looking calm, but on the other hand, also looking fierce and decisive. In addition, in this regard, the young Pope has also joined two of the most popular actresses of all time, such as Ploy Cherman and Jui Warataya, saying that the quality is guaranteed. The fun definitely falls every episode!

3.) You Don’t Have to Ost Love Act (2014)

And in addition to the performance talent of the young Pope and that. Let me tell you that this young man can also sing too. The song that the young pope sang was a song. “You don’t have to” which is the soundtrack Ost from the play “Love Acts” where the young Pope plays like Namchok or Mr. Dao (Joe) with Miu Nittha’s daughter, in the song she doesn’t have to It’s a warm love song for a humble man who wants to be loved and cared for on one side. When combined with the Britpop music genre. The main emphasis is on the sound of the guitar. and the voice of the young pope is very unique. The type that closed his eyes was to know that it was the voice of the young Pope. I gotta say that Lyrics meaning: Because I can’t eat my heart out! In addition, the young Pope also performed a music video of this song, showing the inner expression of his face, gestures and eyes very clearly. Makes listeners like us into it without a doubt~ Calling that the Pope is a handsome young man apart from being handsome and having a great performance. When it comes to singing, he’s just as good at it. Full of machines like this. How can I not fall? 🫶🏻

  • You don’t have to Ost.Love Acts | Pope Thanawat Wattanaputi | Official MV

4.) Buppesanniwat (2018)

And the next work is a performance that I would like to say that Pang Pua would like to help. “Buppesanniwat” Ketsurang’s story is, no doubt, a historical drama on Channel 3. She is a beautiful archaeologist with a cute, cheerful disposition, but also good and skilled in archaeology. Including French too, but then one incident happened. When Ketsurang had an accident, the car overturned. This prompted Ketsurang to die on the spot. and at the same time Go back in time 333 years during the reign of King Narai Fawr. There is a mother called mam gara rai. She was an aristocratic woman with a ruthless heart who was known for her bad reputation. He ordered the servant to sink Mae Ying Chanwad’s ship. Because of the ten thousand Sunthorn Deva jealousy of her partner Later, Thanh Muen’s father offered to pray to Krishna Kali to prove the guilt and truth of the matter to the murderer. As a result, Garaade’s mother died. And the climactic event is not over when the two worlds are tied together, causing Ketsuraang to enter Mother Ying Karaket’s body. So a messy story happened.

  • Buppesanniwat | Coming soon | Ch3 Thailand

in the play Buppesanniwat, a young pope acts as “Detective Father, Muen Soonthornthewa and Phraya Wisut Sakhon” which is the youngest son of Ogya Horatibodi and Khunying Champa by being a diplomat and also the fiance of Mae Ying Karaket At first, he hated and hated the character of Lady Garage very much, but when something happened, the Mother Lady Garagake changed. So he changed to loving Mae Garaket with all his heart. In this respect, the young Pope shows himself very well. The inner comes out on his face, his eyes, and his demeanor. The episode to hate with Mae Karaket is very funny. The role to love each other is sweet. Don’t tell anyone. In addition, in the love scene, it is impossible to pump. Chemistry with Bella’s daughter Ranee is very compatible In the history of this dominance, our young Pope is famous and feverish until the word is popular. “Brother Ten Thousand” all over the country No matter how big it is, you can see it!

5.) Or Chao Ay Ost. Buppesanniwat (2018)

Coming to the next work of the young Pope which we wish to bring all friends to watch, in addition to the performance in the history of the Pope, many people have underestimated the young Pope. We would like to congratulate the singing skills of the young Pope. by that song, including the song “Oh my God” which is the soundtrack Buppesanniwat Drama It’s a Special Version that surprises drama fans and fans of the young Pope. In the song Or Chao Ay It is a slow song mixed with emotion. There is content that describes how ten thousand fathers are worried about their mother, Ying Garaket. which our young Pope could sing very well The sound is unique. The part that needs to be used in a squeaky voice is very loud. very frail After listening to it, I feel very full without feeling at all^^

  • Or Chao Oey (Special Version) Ost.Buppesanniwat | Pope Thanawat | Official MV

6.) Hey! My son, this is my son (2020)

We have seen many plays. Let’s cut to the young Pope’s film show. by this is “Hey, son, this is your father.” It’s a drama, fancy and mixed with comedy with a story about Got, a young train racer who doesn’t get along with his father at all. because of his racing Must prove to his father how cool he is. But there was an event that caused Gott to teleport back in 1998, just a year before his birth, so he met Prem. who was his own father at that time his father is the leader of a group of hegemons known as very influential And Got and Prem (father) became close, causing the transformation from father’s son to father’s son instead. How will this messy story be? Must follow to see each other.

  • Hey!Boy!It’s Daddy’s Son – Official Trailer [ซับไทย]

In the story Hey! My son, this is my father’s son. Young Pope has acted as “Get” is a strong train racer who is stubborn, he does not agree much with his father which the young Pope has shown very well There is no laughing and laughing The various lines are very perfect. Luke and a character accompanying him One of our favorite scenes, for example, is the scene where the young Pope is racing a car. It’s a really cool scene. What is the most realistic face possible! Also in the story, the young Pope was paired with a young man, De Chantwitch, another handsome man in the industry. I have to tell you it sure doubles the fun!

7.) Hundreds of tricks (2020)

Here comes the last work of the young Pope that we would like to present. that is, acting in a later play as a play “A hundred tricks” An intense drama on Channel 3 with the story of Pitchha. She is a young woman who gives her whole life to her lover and needs honesty from her husband, but they both want to be dominant in each other’s lives. Furthermore, Bumblebee is very flirtatious, causing the two of them to break up. Make Phitcha feared and unloved. until the day she met Ramil, a handsome lawyer who will change her thoughts and love in her heart.

  • Roi Ley Maya coming soon | Ch3 Thailand

in the play of a hundred tricks a young Pope plays “Ramil” namely a famous lawyer who is very nice and warm, who is a man who will change Pitcha’s mind and heart In this regard, the young Pope shows very well, showing a cute character and personality. Look and feel in and fit in this role very well. Chemistry is the best! It is called one of the young pope’s performances which must be thumbs up ^^

It’s over for 7 times. Pope Thanawat, the hottest hero, the scariest show. It has to be said that the young Pope is considered one of the superstars who is handsome, cool, and has a very distinctive character. The kind that anyone who sees must fall in love with the full fall. Also in terms of the work in the entertainment industry of the young Pope, it guarantees the talent, the quality of this man, which is appreciated very much from friends who can follow and support the young man. Pope in Instagram: @popezaap And of course, don’t forget to watch the movie. Buppesanniwat 2 #Buppes2#LoveDestinyTheMovie Got it today in all cinemas ☺️♥️

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