‘7 won all four of the matches; Has Karthik vacated the captaincy? ‘ | Dinesh Karthik


New Delhi: One of the most controversial events of the 13th season of the IPL was the change of captaincy of the Kolkata Knight Riders. Halfway through the tournament, Dinesh Karthik stepped down as team captain and was replaced by Owen Morgan. Karthik stepped down from the captaincy after winning four of the seven matches in the first round. Dinesh Karthik’s explanation was that he was stepping down to focus more on batting.

When Karthik officially said that he was resigning, it was alleged that it was due to pressure from the management. The controversy was exacerbated when Kolkata’s graph went down in the tournament after Morgan took over as captain. Kolkata have won just three of Morgan’s seven matches. The team was eliminated from the playoffs.

Former Indian batsman and commentator Aakash Chopra’s question on whether Dinesh Karthik has actually vacated the captaincy has once again heated up controversy. Aakash Chopra raised this question in a video shared on social media.

‘First of all, I’m disappointed because you (Kolkata Knight Riders) have won four of the first seven matches. Had that performance been repeated, he would have scored 16 points with eight wins. It’s more than just a playoff qualification. Delhi came second in the points table with 16 points. – Akash Chopra said.

‘You changed the captain halfway through, feeling like things were getting worse. Dinesh Karthik has reportedly resigned as captain of Kolkata. But would he really do it himself? ‘- Chopra asked.

English Summary: ‘You win four of your first seven matches’: Aakash Chopra questions if Dinesh Karthik really gave up KKR captaincy



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