7 years in prison, the “friend of the groom” sneaks into the bride’s bed in the dorm room The real groom fell asleep on the sofa.

A court in Singapore has sentenced him to seven years in prison for beating him six times and harassing a bride on her wedding night. The real groom fell asleep on the sofa in the same room.

The Straits Times reported that a Singaporean court on Monday convicted a 42-year-old “friend of the groom” of sexually assaulting a bride on her wedding night. While the real groom was drunk sleeping on the couch in the same room. Sentenced to seven years in prison and six lashes.

The case began in October 2016 after the couple’s wedding celebrations ended. In the evening around 5 pm, he invited the groom and his friends to continue drinking in the hotel room. The room where the newlyweds will sleep on the wedding night. without the bride joining them in their drinking circle.

Around 1:00 am, the bride took a shower and went to bed alone in her bedroom. As the celebrations continue in the living room, which is blocked only by sliding doors Until around 3 am, all the friends gradually started to leave the apartment. Except the accused who slept on the couch. The groom tried to wake him up, but he didn’t wake up. And later the groom himself fell asleep on another sofa.

The victim claimed that he woke up at 6 am, feeling someone caressing his chest. and under her pajamas At first she thought it was her husband. and told him to go take a shower But when he touched the pants he was wearing He immediately knew something was wrong. Because her husband didn’t wear jeans at the party.

Although I didn’t want to think someone else was in bed with her. But she still tried to focus on the person, as the room was so dark that the leaves could not be seen clearly. But she still saw that her face was much larger than her husband’s. So I tried asking “Who are you?” but the other party did not answer. She was scared and ran out of the room for help. The husband was found lying on the sofa in his wedding dress. She woke up and told him what had just happened.

when face to face the man initially denied the bride’s claims. But eventually cornered and admitted that she touched his chest. But he insisted that he did not touch his lower body. before a short apology the groom kicked the man out of the room. Before the couple went to report to the police the next day.

The evidence in court at the beginning of May The accused claimed that he had mistaken the bride for his wife. Although he admitted to touching the victim’s chest. But he denied allegations of sexual harassment. He also claimed that he immediately removed his hand from his chest. when he heard the voice of a victim who did not resemble his wife

However, the judge saw that his words were “Unbelievable” and only a “desperate excuse”, especially in the argument that if the criminal thought he was really at home He would probably lie on the floor instead of the bed. because his wife didn’t let him go to bed If he’s drunk and hasn’t showered

On the other hand, the judge saw that the victim was “Reliable and honest”, the story she told was never reversed. The evidence also coincided with all of her husband’s evidence. For this reason, evidence on her side has been suggested that “credible” means that the prosecution is proven beyond reasonable doubt.

After the court sentenced him to seven years in prison and six beatings, the defense lawyers stated that the defendant will appeal against the verdict and sentence. and filed bail for S$30,000 (about 788,000 baht).

About Singapore laws Sexual harassment against a person without their consent Offenders can face up to 20 years in prison and fines or caning.

The report also revealed that the 39-year-old woman has decided to separate from her husband. After dating for more than 11 years, the reason for the divorce was not discussed in court.

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