70 years of MCOT mission ‘Kasemsarn’ new director to turn old media business into new channels make profit again

“MCOT” old media organization The owner of Thailand’s first TV broadcasting station will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2022 with the challenge of the new commander. Assoc. Prof. Kasemsarn Chotichakornphan newly appointed The President has been given 3 months to announce an important mission to bring MCOT back to do. “profit” give it again After 6 consecutive years of loss in order to become a sustainable stock in 2025

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regarded as “turning point” the importance of Assoc. Prof. Kasemsarn from academics in the position of Vice President for Planning National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) to the position of President of MCOT Plc. “Go down”

reflected from the operating results that used to make the highest numbers in the analogue TV era Year 2012 Revenue 5,939 million baht, profit 1,768 million baht When entering digital TV and disruption technology, MCOT has faced a “loss” situation continuously since.2015 since

Year 2020 Loss of 2,2019 million baht had to undergo a major restructuring of the organization Open a joint project from the organization to allow employees to voluntarily resign to reduce the cost of personnel from the number of 1,400 people currently remaining 970 people After restructuring, the number of 2021 has improved, showing profits, but mainly from lower expenses The income has not increased much.

Mission to turn old media into new channels

The decision to lead the MCOT army this time Assoc. Prof. Kasemsarn Considered that MCOT is the first media organization in Thailand, at the age of 70, it has a large number of assets, including television, radio, 62 waves, transmission stations across the country, land, as well as new media that have been continuously developed.

“The goal as an organization leader is to bring the old into the new channel. Bringing old media and assets to create the most value In the new platform, if successful, it will be the direction of MCOT to move into a new era.”

Vision of MCOT in 2022 is The Year of Trusted News & Smart Entertainment. Reinforcing its reputation as a credible media organization under the strategy 3R is Reinforce – Refresh – Refine

– Reinforce Supplementing the existing things to make them even better. by collaborating with Strategic Partners to deliver creative content that is beneficial to society correct, verifiable

– Refresh Aiming for The Trusted Platform from the strength of “Thai News Agency” will use the topic The Trusted to present content on issues that society needs facts. There will be regular intervals in all media of MCOT to build a new fan base. Starting from an online platform

– Refine Extend existing assets to generate income Both the original TV business, which has a large number of important situations Footage. to make money through The Shot, a platform for selling Footage rights, both video, still images and graphics, including studying how to make NFT from existing assets Continuing education from MCOT ACADEMY and sure before sharing to create new business

Leveraging the land in a prime location to create a new business

Currently, MCOT’s income comes from the groupbroadcast business namely TV, radio and digital TV network service (Mux). In this group, revenue has not grown much from high competition in the TV and radio business. As for the network service, there are customers of digital TV channels as before. therefore the income is stable

The groups that are the hopes of MCOT in increasing income during these 3 years (2022-2024) are: Digital business and new business (Non-Broadcast) In 2021, this group accounts for 6-8% of revenue, but in 2024 it is aimed at 22%

In addition to the development of Digital Platforms, presenting content through online channels in all media of MCOT that generates continuous income in this group. The creation of new businesses and a major new source of income in 2022 is the development of real estate (land) in Bangkok, a significant plot of 50 rai. Ratchada area – Rama 9 After spending many years studying investment The ideal model would be a developer, a 30-year long-term lease by MCOT without the need to invest. but has fixed income from long-term rental

In 2023, there will be progress in the development and utilization of 40 rai of land in Nong Khaem and 59 rai in Bang Phai, including in the region.

“Continuing the original broadcast business and create new business according to the three-year strategic plan to enable MCOT to have a new source of income and to be profitable again.”


Year 65 Restructuring of digital TV – radio spectrum auction

for digital TV business Channel 9 MCOT In 2022, it will also use its selling point of Trusted Content with 80 hours of news per week and Smart Entertainment. both entertainment and knowledge from content partners such as We TV, MONO, etc. New prime-time programs such as open-hearted programs, Chuwit program that has Chuwit Kamolwisit in a new personality to present, stock news programs, etc.

Ready to change the business TV Home Shopping in the name Shop Mania By using Channel 9 MCOT as the main channel for selling products The main products are health, beauty and home appliances. including preparing to produce health and beauty products under its own brand to sell via Shop Mania and expand promotion channels on all platforms of MCOT to reach consumers And create content to present products that are attractive to stimulate the purchase decision quickly.

MCOT’s long-term goal is to extend the content that exists in the OTT Platform. It can be seen that the OTT market is growing rapidly due to consumer behavior viewing through more online channels. make content producers Including many TV stations adjusted their strategies to focus on OTT to reduce the risk of digital TV downturn. Currently, the OTT market in Thailand is worth around 10 billion baht. In the past, MCOT sent the Y Boy Love series to the OTT platform. Both domestically, such as AISPLAY, WE TV, and internationally such as GagaOOLala, U-Next, which is considered another channel to generate income for the organization.

radio businessExisting 62 waves, both in Bangkok and other provinces in 2022 have prepared to participate in the radio spectrum auction According to the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) in early 2022, MCOT radio waves in Bangkok are currently FM 95 Luk Thung Maha Nakhon, FM 96.5 Thought Wave, FM 97.5 Mellow, FM 99 Active Radio FM 100.5 News Network. FM 107 MET107, which is still a profitable business for MCOT in the past.

The decision to take over the management of MCOT is a significant change in academic life. Assoc. Prof. Kasemsarn reiterated that he would like to use a four-year term of management in the position of the President Create a turning point for MCOT to turn back and make profits, step into “Sustainable stocks” by 2025 and become a media organization that is in tandem with Thai society


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