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70,000 needy in the state have no rice, no kits, no medicine: Deepika.com Kerala News |

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Court: Employment, Income and Welfare Pension Aria food kits for those who have 1800 Agati, Mano About 70,000 residents in care centers It’s been a year since I started getting rice, kit and grand To.

Each and every one of you will be able to ensure your well-being and your health Ten kilograms of rice and three kilograms of wheat are government rations Has been approved. This is for the right amount of time and the right amount Shanghai is not on the hill. Ration sugar and kerosene for the needy Suspended before the show.

Two free kits in the order of one for four people The payment was stopped only for Rs. Do not exercise your right to vote Parties and Government Ignored in Ru Po.

Do not protect relatives or those in charge Dementia is a disorder that is affecting more and more people Submit to those who are merciful in the centers Which is also safe. About 80 per cent of these institutions in the state are community There was also a social commitment to the cost of the goods And.

One year after the government grant for them Nni to nnu. The government has increased the welfare pension to Rs. 1700 / – The same goes for the residents of Agathi Mandir It costs only Rs. 1100 / -. A person, except for rice, medicine, clothes and stationery Allowed for one month for those needs This is a small amount of money.

The nearest government to the poor institutions Medical team from the Health Center every month and a The same goes for examining and treating residents This is the law of the land. The medical profession at these institutions has been working since the advent of the code The search and the drug are in full swing. Protection of psychiatric patients from across the state There are over 200 companies working for the company. Of these, 130 institutions are rehabilitating the mentally ill It is registered for real estate only. Expensive Drugs for Psychiatry It is also available from the All-Mental Health Center Lia is falling.

Food, clothing and accommodation for the needy a All of these are largely financially liable to the community Institutions and trusts are directly involved. Soap, oil and stationery for personal hygiene There is no shortage of products starting from scratch.

Freebies given in the past Assistance, including legal food, was in short supply The reliance on buildings. Assistance from individuals with code expansion And controls in these institutions a All the institutions before the date of registration You are under a lot of responsibility.

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