70,000 won for a bag of traditional sweets? Even Yeongyang-gun’s public apology |

On the 4th of KBS 2TV’s ‘2 Days & 1 Night’, when the Yeongyang traditional market controversy did not go away easily, Yeongyang-gun posted an apology to the public on the 6th. Mr Shin, who claims he was the person who sold the traditional snacks at the time, posted an explanation on the Yeongyang-gun Office website and apologized.

In the episode of ‘2 Days & 1 Night’, the cast went to a street vendor in Yeongyang traditional market to sample and buy 1.5kg of snacks for 70,000 won.

Accordingly, on the 5th, Yeongyang-gun published ‘Explaining Data on the Controversy over the Overpopulation of Old Snacks’. Since then, netizens have posted protests on the free bulletin board of the Yeongyang-gun Office home page in real time with titles such as ‘Youngyang-gun making excuses’. In the end, on the morning of the 6th, he posted an apology to the people of Yeongyang-gun.

In the apology that began, “We sincerely apologize for causing concern to the public in connection with the controversy surrounding the old sweet gourds aired on KBS’s 2 Days & 1 Night program on June 4,” the military released explanatory materials on the 5th It was also admitted that it was inappropriate to mention it as if it were only a problem for external traders.

In addition, he said he would do his best to become a nutrition group that people can trust and find by rechecking not only mobile traders but also traditional markets and restaurants in general to prevent such incidents from happening. again.

On this day, Mr. Shin, who revealed that he was a merchant selling snacks at the Yeongyang Wild Vegetable Festival, also posted a statement. Mr. Shin said, “Yesterday’s post was uploaded by the trader next to me because it was ugly, but I think it became more of an excuse to post it too quickly. I will make no more excuses. It’s hard to make a living because of the corona and I’m sorry to all the traders and 2 Days and 1 Night staff because the unit price for snacks is set high because I’m short-tempered .”

The origin of this event was KBS 2TV’s ‘1 Night 2 Days’, which was filmed during the Yeongyang wild vegetable festival last month and aired on the 4th.

Actors Yeon Jung-hoon, Kim Jong-min, and Yoo Seon-ho visited a traditional market in Yeongyang and sold 1.5 kg of snacks for 70,000 won at a street vendor selling old-fashioned sweets, tasting them before buying.

Those who tasted the snack decided to buy it, saying, “It’s so delicious,” and each person gave a bag of snacks.

As a result of weighing each snack, the price per bag reached 70,000 won. Looking at the scale in the broadcast screen, the unit price per 100 grams (g) was about 4,500 won, and the weight of one bag included by the members was about 1.5 kg, and the price was about 68,000 won .

Yeon Jeong-hoon was surprised, saying, “Is it too expensive?”, and Kim Jong-min said, “We will spend all our money here. I can’t do it because I don’t have much money.” In response, Yeon Jeong-hoon asked the street vendor, “Adjust to 100,000 won.”

However, the merchant had just finished packing three bags of snacks and said, “How much did you eat? He only won 140,000,” he demanded from the cast, and after a deal, the scene of him buying a snack for 140,000 won was broadcast.

After the broadcast, netizens in various online communities responded enthusiastically with arguments such as “It’s a gourmand trick”, “The price of snacks is too expensive”, “The image of the traditional market has been lost”, and “market I know Yeongyang is a market where people eat their backs off with gourds.” .

On the Yeongyang-gun Office’s free bulletin board, 150 posts and comments poured in until 12:00 noon on the 6th after the broadcast, and access to the free bulletin board was temporarily suspended on the 5th .

On the afternoon of the 5th, Yeongyang-gun Office said through the entrance door, “‘1 Night 2 Days’ was broadcast selling old snacks for 140,000 and it is causing a lot of frenzy from the public. At this time, the merchants who sold were outside merchants who moved to sell old sweets on May 11th and 14th, during the 18th Yeongyang Wild Vegetable Festival. We would like to inform you that we have nothing to do with the merchants of Yeongyang Traditional Market.” He then explained, “We will will do our best to prevent the unfortunate events that happened during this festival from happening again, and we politely ask you to refrain from criticizing the Yeongyang Market traders so that good traditional market traders do not suffer damage. ” It came like pouring oil on him.

After the clarification was posted, dozens of posts criticizing the county office’s clarification were posted on the free bulletin board on the Yeongyang-gun Office’s website.

One netizen said, “In the beginning, the place where the business was started was Yeongyang Market, and the county office should have managed the place.” ” he said directly.

Another netizen also expressed anger, saying, “If you tell me not to criticize without any countermeasures when it won’t be enough even if you bring specific measures to do in the future, won’t the responsibility disappear? “

An official from Yeongyang-gun said, “During the festival, booths run by merchants in Yeongyang-gun were set up separately, and thorough education was conducted on hygiene and sales prices, so there was not a single complaint. The production team of 2 Days & 1 Night filmed without prior consultation with Yeongyang-gun and broadcast the content, the location is at the entrance of Yeongyang Traditional Market, but most of the merchants introduced on the broadcast are foreign traders, so this debate over price gouging is stacked, and they continue their lifelong business in Yeongyang Traditional Market. I’m worried that Haeoh’s merchants and Yeongyang-gun’s image will suffer a huge blow.”