720,000 items of imported goods that violate safety standards were caught… Toys ‘163 times harmful substances’

720,000 imported goods that violated safety standards, such as toxic chemical content exceeding the standard or not receiving safety certification, were caught.

Today (29th), the Korea Customs Service and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy’s National Institute of Technology and Standards (National Institute of Technology and Standards) discovered 12 items, 286 cases, and 720,000 violations as a result of intensive inspections on the safety of imported products during the customs clearance stage for four weeks from the 4th of last month. said.

This is the result of a survey of 14 items, 801 cases, and 1.77 million items sold as gifts, such as toys, baby tricycles, children’s kickboards, bicycles, exercise helmets, and electric steamers, in May, the month of the family.

The detection rate based on the number of cases is 35.7%.

When looking at the type of detection, 50% of the cases did not receive safety certification (KC certification), followed by labeling violations at 25.2%, false labels at 24.1%, and non-conformance with safety standards at 0.7%.

Among children’s toys, the total content of phthalate plasticizer, a hazardous chemical, was 16.27%, which was 162.7 times higher than the allowable level (0.1% or less).

The Korea Customs Service allowed importers to make up for deficiencies for products with a light degree of violation among the 720,000 points caught, and then cleared them.

The remaining nonconforming products will be discarded or returned.

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