8 foreign players were selected for the national football training list, the Chinese women’s football team is doing its best to prepare for the World Cup match_Lineup_League_Warm-up

Original title: 8 foreign players selected for national football training list China’s women’s football team is doing its best to prepare for the World Cup

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The Chinese women’s football team announced a new national football coaching roster on January 20, 2023. Among them are eight outstanding players who have studied abroad. This training camp consisted of 34 players, including basically the strongest lineup in China. Except for a few players who are still studying abroad and have been working hard in their teams, this training camp is not just for better preparation for the World Cup. It is also to better prepare for the international warm-up match between the Swedish women’s football team and the Irish women’s football team between mid and late February.

We saw that the national football coaching roster includes Wang Shuang, who is traditionally the strongest offensive player in the Chinese women’s football team. Wang Shuang has been leaving messages on the Louisville Athletics Women’s Soccer Team before and is doing her best to strive for the peak condition of her career. And now in the Paris Women’s Football Ligue 1 Women’s Football lineup, Li Mengwen and Yang Lina, who also studied abroad in the Paris Women’s Football Team, are also selected for this training list. It can be said that the lineup is very strong.

And the team also includes Wu Chengshu and Xiao Yuyi who are studying abroad in Australia. Xiao Yuyi helped the Chinese women’s soccer team score a legendary goal in the Asia Cup in early 2022. And Wu Chengshu played with an injury in the A-League Women’s Soccer League just one month after facial surgery. And lost no time in scoring a goal with his face, helping A-League women’s football team Canberra United beat the Newcastle Jets 5-1 in the tenth round of the A-League.

In addition to this, Shen Mengyu, who has firmly established his leading position and performed excellently, as a member of the Scottish Super League Celtic women’s football team, has also joined the team. Shen Mengyu is currently only 21 years old, not only outstanding in strength, but also very young. She is also the future hope of China’s women’s soccer team.

Zhang Linyan, who is currently studying abroad in the grasshopper league of the Swiss Women’s Soccer Super League, has also joined the lineup. Although Zhang Linyan is not tall, she has the ability to read a game strong After studying abroad for the Swiss Women’s Premier League, she scored 5 goals in just half a season and became the seventh player in the scorers list. He is also the second highest scoring player in the team. Zhang Linyan is also a key player in helping the Chinese women’s soccer team beat the South Korean team in the 2023 Women’s Asian Cup.

Shui Qingxia

We have noticed that the main purpose of Chinese women’s football training and study abroad is to prepare for the World Cup, and will also start warm-up matches with two La Liga women’s football teams, the Swedish women’s football team and the Irish . girls soccer team mid to late February. And the schedule interval is only 2 to 3 days, which is also to form the strongest lineup in China to simulate the schedule of the World Cup.

Including the addition of foreign players such as Tang Jiali and Wang Shuang to the training team, it is also to sharpen the team’s cohesion and improve combat effectiveness. Eight foreign players joined the training team in order to better prepare for the World Cup. Of course, it is also up to the Chinese women’s football team to strive for good results and improve their international rankings in the match against the Swedish women’s football team, which is currently ranked third in the world, and the Erland’s women’s foot, which is currently ranked 23rd in the world.

At the same time, the coaching staff can also organize a tit-for-tat tactical line based on the performance of the players. Letting outstanding players gather together and start the warm-up game is also to achieve good results in the warm-up game to improve the self-confidence of the Chinese women’s football team. It is believed that the Chinese women’s football team can gain experience, improve their strength, and achieve ideal training effects in preparation for the World Cup.

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