8 in 10 Americans: ‘My children’s lives will be worse than mine’

▲ Photo of a homeless person in Penn Station, New York: Yonhap News

Eight out of 10 Americans are more pessimistic about their children’s lives than they are about themselves, a study has found.

According to Yonhap News, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and the University of Chicago Opinion Research Center (NORC) asked 1,010 Americans from 1st to 13th whether they were confident that their children’s lives would be better than ours which was lost

The Wall Street Journal reported that 78% of respondents answered negatively, the highest negative response rate since the question was first introduced in 1990.

It seems that American society’s pessimism about the future of its children’s generation is due to the lack of trust in college education, which has acted as a school for upward mobility.

56% of respondents said their college education wasn’t worth it, saying that even after graduating from a four-year college, they don’t have the skills needed to get a good job and are often in debt.

4 in 10 said that graduating from college increased their chances of getting a good job.

There were many negative views about their children’s future lives as well as their current economic status.

17% of respondents said their financial situation was ‘better than expected’, while 44% said it was ‘worse than expected’.

39% of the answers were ‘similar to expectations’.

It was also found that they feel insecure about the current economic situation.

Although 8 out of 10 have a negative view of the US economy, either ‘bad’ or ‘not good’,
Only 20% had a positive outlook of ‘great’ and ‘good’.

Two out of three respondents said they were very concerned about inflation.

Even though the job market is booming, with the US unemployment rate falling to record levels and the demand for labor undiminished, Americans don’t seem to feel the same way.

To the question, ‘Can you find a new job with higher pay and benefits compared to your current job?’, more than half answered in the negative, saying ‘It’s not easy’, which the highest level since 2010, explains the Wall Street Journal. .

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