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Andrey Santos, a young midfielder from Brazil, only 18 years old. Touted as the next game in Brazilian football. After shining brightly in the Under 20 Copa America Battle in Colombia until many media compared him to Jude Bellingham, the beautiful diamond of England Played for the original club Vasco da Gama 33 games, scored 8 goals, and the Copa America U20 played 6 games and scored 5 goals until Chelsea did not hesitate to spend money to join the team. He is a tall and strong midfielder with energy moving around the pitch. Likes to take the ball forward AND find an opportunity to score a goal for yourself too. Another great tool for penetrating the opposition’s defense.

6. Malo Gusto of Olympic Lyon

Malo Gusto, the French right-back for Ligue 1 club Lyon, is currently 19 years old but can hold the main body of the team. Played 49 games in the top flight in France, made 5 assists, and also has experience of playing in 7 UEFA Europa League European games, considered a young star who has played in high level games for quite some time. Causing Chelsea to decide to sign a deal, grab and leave Olympique Lyon on loan until the end of this season. before joining the team fully next season He is strengthening at right back with Reece James prone to injuries, and Malo Gusto is sure to help cover that weakness.

7. Enzo Fernandez from BenficaEnzo Fernandez

Argentina’s 22-year-old international midfielder Enzo Fernandez is one of the most talked about players. After doing the best work as an important force in winning the world championship together with the Best Rising Star Award of the World Cup It is a guarantee of the quality of the speed as well. Recently Enzo has moved to the Benfica team. he became an important force in the team’s midfield brain In which he has played 17 matches in the Portuguese league, scoring 1 goal and providing 5 assists, he is good at playing as a defensive midfielder. Excellent in controlling the rhythm of the game Links the game well from the middle to the front. Able to intercept the ball and switch instantly from defensive to offensive play Possesses accurate long and short passes A very complete modern midfielder In addition, he can also move to play as an attacking midfielder to create a good game as well . There is a trick in a long shot from the second row. Therefore, it is not surprising that Chelsea would be willing to break the record and grab him to join the team. To be a leader in midfield for the new Blue Lion

8. Joao Felix On loan from Atletico MadridJoão Felix

Portugal forward Joao Felix has decided to move from Atletico Madrid to join Chelsea on loan until the end of this season. for the opportunity to play more He is currently referred to as only 23 years old, but with an excellent footprint, he has been famous for a long time. Has been an important force for the Bears team since 2019, playing in all 96 Spanish La Liga matches, scoring a total of 25 goals and 13 assists. It’s definitely not normal. Although referring to making his debut by getting a red card But with the form of play, he looks much better than the old players. believes after this season there will be negotiations to buy again Because if you want to win the Premier League title, Chelsea need players of this level in the team.

From the new players, everyone can see that. Chelsea Guidelines are mainly for the improvement of young players. where each person is not an anonymous player They all have degrees with each other. A rising star full of talent Gaining a lot of experience playing in the big leagues But there is one thing they all have in common. Traveling to show footprints in the Premier League for the first time The players want to want to prove themselves. The thirst for championships is greater than ever. At this point, it should be an important impetus to help Chelsea get the chance to return to greatness again.

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