8 types of medicinal fruits… full of essential nutrients

Fresh fruits with medicinal properties are full of essential nutrients that fight inflammation, infection and cancer. [사진=클립아트코리아]

rich in various nutrients

In summer, you can taste various fruits. fruitnot only delicious medicinal effectalso a lot fresh fruitYou can also prevent dangerous symptoms like migraines and blood pressure if you choose well and enjoy it. Take care of taste and health. US economic magazine ‘Wall st. Cheat Sheet’ I have presented 8 of them.



Also known as the ‘Diamond of Fruits’ cherryin Irritationclass fight infection, cancerIt is full of essential nutrients. Cherries contain ingredients that inhibit the growth and spread of tumors without harming healthy cells. ellagic acidclass quercetinappear to include

lower uric acid levels prevent gouteffective to anthocyaninsalso abundant. . eat cherries often heartclass Leader It is very useful to keep your back healthy.


vitamin CWow fiber, potassiumThis is abundant. Kiwiwhich is needed to protect the body from respiratory disease, cancer, stroke and heart disorders. oreclass vitamins, phytonutrientsIt is considered a perfect mixture of Regulates blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels vascular healthhas the effect of healing


cardiovascular healthgood to Blood pressureunder the blood circulationhas the effect of healing 8 a day if you eat enough vitamin C You get 160% of the recommended daily intake. uterine cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer There are also studies that show it reduces risk.



regenerate skin cellsIt helps protect the dermis and epidermis by promoting and healing damaged skin. Prevents skin deterioration caused by free radicals. from sunburn or damage protect the skinIt also has an effect. due to aging wrinklesIf you eat a pomegranate every day preventable to do


amino acid el strullinecontains a lot of It helps control blood pressure by dilating blood vessels a strokeclass heart attackto prevent It also has the effect of removing harmful oxygen lycopeneis called antioxidantcontains extensively


various vitaminand flavonoid antioxidants Naringinclass Naringenincontains many of Visiondo well skinand healthy mucous membranes oral cancerclass lung cancer It has the effect of protecting you from danger. foodalso good



In tropical fruits enzymes for digestionkind of papaincontains many rich in papain papayaYes pancreasproblems with cystic fibrosis gastrointestinal disordersGood for people who suffer from

Proteolytic enzymes such as chymopapain and papain in papaya reduce inflammationIt is effective in healing skin burns and wounds quickly. If you have skin-related diseases such as psoriasis, lip rash, or ringworm, it is good to eat papaya often.


bromelaincontains proteolytic enzymes called This ingredient cancer cellshas the effect of removing In pineapple vitamin CIt also protects our body from harmful oxygen. immune systemalso strengthens vitamin c oral healthalso improves According to one study, pineapple periodontal diseaseclass periodontitis It has been shown to reduce the risk of developing

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