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Apple’s 600-yen monthly streaming service, Apple TV +, has begun to make a name for itself with Emmy Award-winning works such as “Ted Lasso,” “Foundation,” and “The Morning Show,” as well as exclusive broadcasts of popular programs.
Gradually, but surely, it’s changing to something of value.
The Apple TV + content isn’t very rich (yet), but every week new movies and TV shows are added, some of which are worth watching.
Also, the experience this app offers isn’t perfect, but it’s better than many other apps (such as HBO Max).
Here are some tips and settings that anyone new to Apple TV + should know to get the most out of this service.

1. How to try Apple TV + for free First, you can easily try Apple TV + for free.
Apple’s one-year free trial is a thing of the past, but new subscribers get a seven-day free trial, and new iPhones, iPads, and Macs come with a three-month free trial. increase.
You’ll also get an Apple TV + when you subscribe to the Apple One plan.
Even better, Apple TV + supports Apple’s family sharing at no additional charge. This means that if someone in your family or friend group subscribes to your Apple TV +, you can use it for free.
2. Windows and Android users stream from the Apple TV website Apple TV + is not exclusive to Apple’s platform. On the contrary, the Apple TV + app is available on all game consoles, smart TVs, and media centers, including competitors’ products such as Fire TV and Chromecast.
Windows and Android aren’t on this list, but you can get around this limitation by streaming using the Apple TV website.
3. Mastering the “Up Next” feature The interface of the Apple TV app is seemingly messy.
It’s a mix of Apple TV + originals, TV channels, and rentals from the iTunes Store, and it’s hard to tell what it is. If you’re only interested in Apple TV +, look for the “Original” tab or the “Apple TV +” tab.
You can improve your viewing experience with the “Up Next” feature of the Apple TV application. When you find the show you want to watch, tap the “Plus” button to add it to the “Up Next” queue.
When you start watching something, it automatically appears in the “Up Next” queue (new episodes take precedence here).
However, the “Up Next” queue can be overcrowded (because unlike Netflix, the “My List” and “Currently Watching” sections are not separated).
Also, tap and hold a show or movie to instantly remove it from the “Up Next” queue (on Mac, you’ll find this option in the right-click menu).
4. You can turn off notifications for new Apple TV + shows Apple TV + new show notifications can be a bit annoying.
Subscribers may receive notifications even if they have not added the show to the “Up Next” queue. To disable these notifications, go to Settings> Notifications> TV and disable the Allow Notifications setting.
5. Apple TV + allows you to download movies and programs and watch them offline, just like Netflix and Prime Video, you can download programs using the Apple TV app and watch them offline on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. ..
For iPhone and iPad, you can download individual episodes of the show or the entire season with a tap.
You can easily download it by tapping the “Download” button while watching a TV program or movie. The downloaded media will be displayed in the Library section.
6. The Apple TV app, which allows you to select subtitles in different languages, has subtitles, but it’s a bit confusing. You can’t access the subtitles until you start playing something.
When you start playing, tap the three-dot Menu button on the toolbar below, select Subtitles, and select a language from the list.
7. Adjustable playback speed There are pros and cons to this (at least based on the response when Netflix started testing similar features), but adjusting the playback speed within the Apple TV app is possible. I can do it.
For example, if you want to know the highlights of For All Mankind but don’t have time to watch the entire season, tap the three-point menu button during playback and select Play Speed. To do.
You can stream at half speed, 1.25x, 1.5x, or 2x.
8. Apple TV app has a great dark mode

Photo: Khamosh Pathak
The Apple TV app has a very nice dark mode, but nowhere in the app there is a clear switch to turn dark mode on.
Like many other Apple apps, Dark Mode is linked to the OS running the app.
To use the Apple TV app in Dark Mode, you need to enable Dark Mode on iOS or macOS.
For iPhone and iPad, you can set from “Settings” → “Display and brightness”. For Mac, it can be set using the “Display” section of the Control Center.
The same is true for Apple TV, to enable Dark Mode, go to Settings> General> Appearance.
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