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8 zodiac signs, lucky stars, move on October 30

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Get Mercury, move to Libra. The zodiac to be lucky is

Libra is lucky in trading and marketing, but be careful with emotions.

Aries are lucky in civil service, military, police. Be careful with contract documents.

Leo is lucky in love. Let’s call it bang.

Aquarius is the subject of beauty. These businesses will bang.

Get Ketu, move into Gemini. The zodiac to be lucky is

Gemini is lucky in public health work.

Sagittarius Lucky luck Finances and charmers are heavy.

Pisces, lucky about love family business

Virgo will be lucky about being promoted.

Auspicious tips

facing south

Chanting pisamra lo pu satput (17 endings) and chanting the crown chants of the Buddha (9 endings)

However, after the aforementioned star-moving phenomenon, District Khatha gave merit to children with cleft lip and palate at various foundations. Or donate money to help children at other foundations to help the disabled.

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