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‘80% inoculation rate’ Singapore exceeds 1,000 new confirmed cases per day

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Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong receives a booster shot from the COVID-19 vaccine on the 17th. /Reuters / Yonhap News

In Singapore, where the completion rate of COVID-19 vaccination has exceeded 80%, 1,000 new cases are occurring. Although it was the first in Asia to declare ‘with Corona’, it is analyzed that new cases are increasing due to easing of quarantine and an increase in ‘delta mutation’ infections.

According to local media such as the Straits Times on the 19th, Singapore’s Ministry of Health announced that there were 1,09 new cases the day before, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases rose to 76,792.

The number of new cases is the highest since April 23 last year, when 1,037 people were confirmed, the Ministry of Health explained.

There were 1004 local infections, including 78 in dormitories where foreign workers live. Of these, about a quarter, or 259, were older than 60 years of age.

In Singapore, with a population of 5.7 million, the completion rate of COVID-19 vaccination is about 81%, which is the highest in the world.

Singapore was the first Asian country to declare with Corona in June. It has set a policy to stop counting the number of confirmed cases and to manage only those with stomach and severe cases like the flu to restore daily life to the pre-COVID-19 level. Although it has implemented a strict quarantine policy, it started easing some quarantine regulations last month. People who have completed the vaccination are allowed to eat in the restaurant, and the number of gatherings has been increased from two to five.

However, as the number of confirmed cases continues to increase, further easing of regulations has been halted.

Finance Minister Lawrence Wong, co-chair of the government’s COVID-19 response task force, said at a press conference on the 10th that “the number of confirmed cases is increasing faster than expected. After that, it could possibly be 2,000.”

Nevertheless, the Singapore government is in a position to maintain its policy with Corona. However, considering the increasing number of new cases, it is not planning to take additional measures to ease quarantine for the time being. Starting this week, the booster shot began in earnest for the elderly over 60 years of age. We decided to actively distribute rapid antigen diagnostic kits that can be easily tested to homes and schools.

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