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804 people waiting in hospital beds, the highest since the outbreak of Corona 19… “Death in the air”

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Hello everyone. The 9 o’clock news will start.

The main content from President Moon Jae-in’s conversation with the people, which ended a while ago, will be delivered in a moment as soon as reporters from the political department organize it.

First, let’s take a look at the news of COVID-19.

We continue to inform you that the number of patients with severe cases is increasing since the phased recovery of daily life.

If the condition becomes serious, you need to be admitted to the hospital, but there are cases where you have to wait for hospitalization because a seat is not available right away.

The number of people waiting for these hospital beds is estimated to be around 800.

There are also cases of death while waiting.

The first news today (21st) will be reported by Seok Hye-won, a reporter focusing on this content.


At a home treatment partner hospital in Seoul, medical staff check the patient’s health.

[김선미/간호사 : “지금 체온은 몇 도일까요. 타이레놀 하나 복용하시고 한두 시간 뒤에 증상 괜찮아지시는지 한 번 더 확인할게요.”]

Currently, 5,118 patients are receiving home treatment nationwide, and if their condition suddenly deteriorates, they will be assigned to a bed within 30 minutes to up to 3 hours and transferred to emergency services.

In Seoul alone, the total number of emergency transfers during at-home treatment is 46.

[이재갑/한림대 강남성심병원 감염내과 교수 : “확진자 늘어나고 입원 병상이 부족하게 될 경우가 발생할까봐 그 부분을 염려가 되고 있는데…”]

The number of patients with severe severe cases increased by nine a day, recording 500 for two days in a row, and those in their 60s or older accounted for 87%.

Elderly patients often have to be admitted to hospitals rather than living treatment centers, which is exacerbating the shortage of beds.

The utilization rate of intensive care beds exceeded 83% in Seoul and 80% in Gyeonggi-do for the first time.

The number of patients waiting for more than one day was 804, the highest since the outbreak of COVID-19, of which 108 were not assigned a bed for more than four days.

The number of patients who died while waiting for hospitalization was also counted as 6 in the last 5 weeks.

As awareness about quarantine has eased, the government will reopen the government’s joint special inspection team for a month starting tomorrow.

[김재흠/행정안전부 재난협력정책관 : “실내 마스크 착용하고 출입자 명부 관리 등이 제대로 되고 있는지 확인할 계획입니다. 핵심적 방역수칙 위반 행위에 대해서는 엄정하게 처분할 계획입니다.”]

Meanwhile, 2565,000 doses of vaccine purchased directly from Pfizer in the US will arrive in Korea tomorrow afternoon.

This is Seok Hye-won from KBS News.

Cinematographer: Park Jun-seok / Video Editing: Nam Eun-joo / Graphics: Ko Seok-hoon

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