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Scuderia Ferrari F1 driver Carlos Sainz buys a new car. The Ferrari 812 Competizione was the first car that Sainz bought for himself. Before that, I had been driving the Golf GTI that I inherited from my parents nine years ago.

There was great excitement before handing over the vehicle. “I am now not only a Ferrari driver but also a Ferrari customer,” Carlos Sainz proudly declared in a video on his private social media.

Carlos Sainz said about the reason why he finally decided on the Ferrari 812 Competizione from the Ferrari lineup he joined in 2021, “I chose this model because it is different from other Ferraris in terms of design. Simply, this is the most beautiful car to me.”

Limited to 999 units and a performance model of the already sold-out Ferrari 812 Superfast, the Competizione packs 830bhp from a 6.5-litre V12 engine. From a cold start, the power unit at the front emits a small flame that increases in intensity with each accelerator operation up to 9,500 rpm. The maximum speed reaches 340km per hour.

In the “Ferrari Tailor Made” department, which customizes Ferraris, Carlos Sainz has also been given some special equipment to create a new masterpiece. For example, the letters ‘Smooth Operator’, a nickname for racing drivers, are engraved on the door sills. Car number 55 is embroidered on the floor mats.

Carlos Sainz, who likes cars in dark tones, specified a deep shade of gray with a satin finish that changes color subtly depending on how the light hits it, rather than the Prancing Horse’s traditional red. Black wheels. Red brake calipers and a subtle white stripe on the outside of the 20-inch Pirelli tires add brightness to the exterior.

“I like dark colors,” said Carlos Sainz, his eyes shining when he saw the car for the first time.

“The paint always looks different depending on how the light hits it. I can’t believe this is my car.”

While other F1 stars have sports car collections in their home garages, this is Carlos Sainz’s first major investment in a car.

“I have been in Formula 1 for nine years. Until now, I have been riding the golf that my parents gave me when I was 18,” said Sainz.

It has three times the number of cylinders and more than four times the horsepower of the old GTI. In terms of price, when you compare Volkswagen and Ferrari, the difference is clear. Select customers have to pay Ferrari just under €500,000 ($700,000) for the 812 Competizione. Of course, the amount of the Ferrari employees’ discount is not disclosed.

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