82 arrests in Saudi drug busts

The Border Security Force arrested 82 people trying to smuggle drugs in different provinces in Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the Narcotics Control Directorate announced that a native citizen was detained in Riyadh with a collection of drugs (82 arrests in Saudi drug busts).

Colonel Mizfar Al Qaraini, spokesman for the border security forces, said that 82 people were arrested for trying to smuggle drugs through the borders of Asir, Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, Jizan, Madinah, Najran and Makkah regions. Among those arrested, 18 are native citizens and 64 are infiltrators. 671 kg hashish and 2.9 lakh drug tablets were seized from them.

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Meanwhile, a native citizen was arrested in Riyadh with a stash of drugs smuggled into the country. 1.38 lakh drug tablets, nine guns and 625 cartridges were recovered from him. He was handed over to the public prosecution for the completion of legal proceedings.

The Madinah Police also announced that they had arrested two law-breaking Ethiopians with 139 drug tablets.

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