86 injured in Rabi clashes admitted to hospital, class-examinations announced

After repeated clashes between Rajshahi University (Rabi) students and locals, the situation calmed down around 11 pm on Saturday (March 11). After firing rubber bullets by the police, the students took a stand in the university area. And locals are outside the campus. Additional policemen including 7 platoon BGB have been deployed on the road.u09aau09b0u09bfu09b8u09cdu09a5u09bfu09a4u09bf u09a8u09bfu09dfu09a8u09cdu09a4u09cdu09b0u09a3u09c7 u09e 1.“}”>

Meanwhile, due to the situation, Rabi administration has announced closure of all classes and examinations on March 12 (Sunday) and March 13 (Monday) through a circular. The notice signed by Pradeep Kumar Pandey, the public relations officer of the university, informed that classes and examinations will continue as usual from March 14 (Tuesday).

Meanwhile, the Binodpur area adjacent to the university turned into a battleground due to the clashes.1. u09afu09beu09b2u09df u09aeu09c7u09a1u09bfu0995u09cdu09afu09beu09b2 u09b8u09c7u09a8u09cdu099fu09beu09b0 u09a5u09c5u09c7u09c7 u09cdu09afu09beu09aeu09cdu09acu09c1u09b2u09c7u09a8u09cdu09b8u09c7 u09b0u09beu09aeu09c7u0995 u09b9u09beu09b8u09aau09a4 u09b2u09c7 u09aau09beu09a0u09beu09a8u09c7u09be u09b9u099au09cdu099bu09c7“}”> The injured students are being sent by ambulance from the University Medical Center to Ramek Hospital

The injured were taken to the Rajshahi Medical College (RAMEC) hospital by bus as they could not be accommodated in the university’s medical center. University Vice-Chancellor Sultan Ul Islam and Humayun Kabir visited the University Medical Center.

Sultan Ul Islam said that at least 200 students of the university were injured. Ambulance cannot be covered. The injured are being sent to Ramek Hospital by bus.“}”> 86 injured in Rabi clashes admitted to hospital, class-examinations announced

In Binodpur Bazar area, traders with sticks were seen in a deadly position. On the other hand, the students have taken up residence inside the university campus. In this situation, the police have taken position in the middle road with armored vehicles.

The rescue workers are screaming for blood for the injured students in the clash. Someone’s head is cracked, someone’s eyes, someone’s nose, someone’s face. In this incident, the number of injured is increasing by the minute. At present, the situation in the university is stagnant.“}”> 86 injured in Rabi clashes admitted to hospital, class-examinations announced

A rescue worker said, “Our brothers are injured.” All went to Rajshahi Medical Hospital. A lot of blood is needed. Everyone go ahead.

Angry students set fire to local shops in Binodpur Bazar due to the clash. A few shops near the university’s Binodpur gate were set on fire. The fire service personnel are trying to extinguish the fire after receiving the information. Apart from this, the police box adjacent to Binodpur Gate was vandalized.1. , u09bfu0995u09cdu09b7u09beu09b0u09cdu09a5u09c0u09a6u09c7u09b0 u09b0u09beu09aeu09c7u0995 u09b9u09beu09b8u09beu09au09beu09bu09b u09c7 u09aau09beu09a0u09beu09a8u09cb u09b9u09df“}”> In addition to the ambulance, the injured students were sent to Ramek Hospital by university bus

Although both sides were injured in the clash, the exact number of local casualties is yet to be ascertained. Their statement was not available as the police or responsible officials did not pick up the phone in this regard.

On the other hand, according to sources at Ramek Hospital, the injured are still being admitted there. The number of injured patients has exceeded half a hundred. Brigadier General FM Shamim Ahmed, director of Rajshahi Medical College (Ramek) Hospital, said at 11:00 pm that 86 injured people have been admitted. They are being treated.

Meanwhile, on Saturday (March 11) evening, the clash started at Rajshahi University’s Binodpur Gate. Many shops were burnt till 10:30 pm. Along with the police, fire service personnel were also working. At least half a hundred students and more than two hundred injured have been reported in this clash.

It is known that Alamin Akash, a student of the 2017-18 session of the social work department of the university, was coming to Rajshahi from Bogra by bus. Akash had an argument with the driver Shariful and the supervisor Ripon about sitting in the bus. In this incident, the University’s Binodpur Gate came and once again had trouble with the supervisor. Then a local shopkeeper came and got into an argument with the students. At one point, there was a collision between the two. Then the students of social science department of the university gathered at the spot and attacked the local shopkeeper.

At one point, the locals united and attacked the university students. Then the students also chased back. At least 20 students including 2 journalists working in the university were injured while performing their duties. Later this number started increasing.

Additional Deputy Commissioner Rafiqul Islam, the spokesperson of Metropolitan Police, said that the policemen of the concerned police station reached the spot immediately after learning about the incident. Additional police have been deployed there to control the situation. Other law enforcement agencies are also working.

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