868 school meals in the Gyeonggi area were disrupted due to a school strike

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    Due to the general strike of the National Union of Temporary School Workers, today (25th), some 800 schools in the Gyeonggi region suffered difficulties, such as changing or stopping meals with bread and milk.

    As of today at 11:00 am, the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education has identified 5,902 (16%) of the total 37,293 public education workers who participated in the strike.

    In terms of strike participation rate by occupation, 30% (4,744 out of 15,707) of school food service workers was the highest, followed by 10% (117 out of 1,144) of special education instructors, and 8% (228 out of of 2,947) elementary childcare workers, 8% (122 out of 1,591) of nursery and after-school staff, and 4% (691 out of 15,904) of other education officers.

    Accordingly, in 849 schools, or 31% of the total of 2,708 school meals, meals were replaced with convenience foods such as bread, milk, and fruit, and 19 schools did not provide meals at all.

    In addition, 2% of 2,942 childcare classes were not implemented, and after school classes (including childcare) were not held in nursery schools in 15 places.

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