9/19 Yokohama Radiant Hall Tournament Post-Match Comments Post-Match Thatcher Sugiura and Kojima’s single defeat in a row to tag Team Suzuki’s defense “Let’s do it with that stupid feeling” | Noah’s Pro Wrestling Official Site

9/19 Yokohama Radiant Hall Tournament Post match comment Thatcher goes to defend tag Sugiura and Kojima in a row defeating Suzuki “Let’s do it with that stupid feeling”




▼ Kiyomiya’s Transformed Shining and Kenoh’s anger KO GHC Final Preliminary Battle intensifies the “Muto Killing Battle”

▼ Inaba’s long-awaited single also brutally defeated Nakajima “Review more”

▼ Inamura’s “Tanaka wall” cannot be broken even in a fierce battle

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1st Singles Match
Masa Kitamiya vs. Daishi Ozawa

[Stori Kitamiya]”Nothing in particular!”

2nd Match Singles Match
Masato Tanaka vs. Yoshiki Inamura


[Stori Tanaka]”The only thing I believe in is this elbow. No matter how good you are, no matter how good you are, I’ve crushed you with this elbow. In the fire festival, I honestly couldn’t get the results, but I won the second place here. Sekimoto won the fire festival by defeating him. If you defeat him, ZERO1 will be the strongest. Even Noah will definitely get the ticket to the top. No matter how many times, no matter how many times Every time he climbs up Inamura pushes him down. That feels good. Maybe I’m strong. But the fact that I’ve done singles with him a few times and without losing my confidence and pride.”

3rd Tag Game Ref
Hideki Suzuki Iho by Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Takashi Sugiura Shuhei Taniguchi


[Suzuki a Wagner Jr ar ôl y gêm]
▼ Suzuki “Thanks Amigo”

▼ Wagner Jr. “Gracias, Amigo. Arigatou Gozaimasu”

▼ Suzuki “Thank You”

▼Wagner Jr. “You are the champion.

▼ Suzuki “okay, Viva Mexico”

4th singles game match
Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Daiki Inaba


[Stori Nakajima]”Inaba, Inaba. How long has he been doing wrestling? How many years has Inaba been wrestling? Even though he’s a reporter, don’t you know that? 8 years? What are you doing , Inaba? What are you doing to change your environment and push yourself to the point where you are still here?

Match 5 Tag Match
Kenoh Manabu Soya vs Kaito Kiyomiya Jack Morris


[Kiyomiya a Morris ar ôl y gêm]
MORRIS: This is Jack Morris and the future champion, Kaito Kiyomiya. Today we beat Kenoh and Soya. Kaito will win in Nagoya too.

KIYOMIYA: I was hit by Kenoh again today as a Shining Wizard. I think it’s my feelings that I use. The feeling I had when I was asked to pass on that skill, and’ r feeling I’ve been using ever since, it all went to Kenoh in Nagoya and he won the GHC belt.”

[Stori Kenoh]”Damn. What’s the hey? The game is already over? The gong is ringing, right? After you’re done, I’ll beat you with my technique, the Shining Wizard, which you attack by .”

Match 6 Single Game
Timothy Thatcher vs. Satoshi Kojima


[Thatcher a Suzuki ar ôl y gêm]

Thatcher: “This victory is a great driving force for potential. Mr. Sugiura is Mr. Kojima’s partner. Mr. Kojima, I understand that Mr. Kojima is very strong. But we are a team. A Champion Team. We are the 45th GHC Tag Champions, unlike any other team in the world, we will continue to win and remain Tag Champions.”

▼ Suzuki “English please”

――Ha, how are you…

▼ Thatcher: What are you talking about! Sugiura-san crushed me with a front choke, and Kojima-san melted me out of my head with a brain fixer, right?

[Kojima a Sugiura ar ôl y gêm]
▼ Sugiura: “Are you okay? Really?”

▼ KOJIMA: Taka, why aren’t you here?

SUGIURA “You’ve given up straight away.”

KOJIMA: Isn’t it cold, hawk?

SUGIURA “You should have worked hard for a while, but you gave up straight away, didn’t you?”

KOJIMA: No, it hurts, what are you talking about?

SUGIURA: No, no, I did my best.

KOJIMA: It’s cold, isn’t it, hawk!

▼Sugiura “Second distribution”

KOJIMA: “Even if it’s second, it’s cold, isn’t it?”

▼ Sugiura “Are you okay?”

KOJIMA: Please be a little more considerate.

SUGIURA: It’s too early to give up.

KOJIMA: It’s very dangerous, it’s very dangerous.

▼ Sugiura “Are you okay?”

▼ Kojima “It’s not right!”

※ and Kojima leaves

SUGIURA “It doesn’t matter? It doesn’t matter, does it?

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