9/25 (Sun) Matsumoto Yaaga FC vs YSCC Yokohama – Matsumoto Yaaga FC home game information

A game was held

Request for your visit

This match will be operated in accordance with the “J.League Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease Response Guidelines” with the aim of holding the game while preventing the spread of the new coronavirus as much as possible.
Matsumoto Yamag FC has established restrictions on the operation of entry gates and support methods in accordance with the “J.League Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease Response Guidelines”.

■About voice assisted games

In accordance with the Call Out Support Guidelines, the “call out support area” where you can cheer up under certain rules will be set up[seddi cartref heb eu cadw (y tu ôl i nod y de, rhan o gefn nod y gogledd)][i ffwrdd o seddi heb eu cadw ]].

*Entrance to[sedd gartref heb ei chadw (tu ôl i gôl y de)]Home seat season ticket holders onlycoming.
*Entrance to[sedd gartref heb ei chadw (rhan y tu ôl i gôl y gogledd)]All unreserved home seat season ticket holders and unreserved home seat tickets and invitation tickets are eligiblecoming.

[Tocyn Gwahoddiad Noddwr]On the day of the match, drop in at the “special ticket exchange booth” before entering the venue and fill in your personal information. We will give you a wristband, so show your ticket and wristband at the N2 gate (secondary gate).
[Tocyn Gwahoddiad Breuddwyd Plant]Come to the N2 gate (second gate) as it is.

■For those entering the voice support area, please check the following information.

9/25 (Sunday) YS Yokohama corresponds to “Voice support” announcement.

9/25 (Sun) YS Yokohama “Voice support” Voice support guide

About the concept of wearing a mask when visiting the J.League

All visitors are required to wear a mask. (A non-woven fabric with a high gathering effect is desirable) However, in the following cases, it is possible to eliminate the need for a mask.

  1. If you have a respiratory disease or allergy that makes it difficult to wear. However, take the next best measures such as keeping your distance from other visitors.
  2. When removing the mask to prevent heat stroke. Do not talk, cheer, and vocalize, and pay attention to coughing habits. If there is conversation, cheering, or vocalization, wear a mask beforehand.
  3. Remove the mask when eating and drinking, but do not talk, cheer or vocalize while the mask is off.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation so that fans, supporters, staff, and related parties can spend their time healthily.

Click here for details

*Seats other than the “vocal support area” will not be empty for one seat, and you will be able to watch the game from the next seat.

Click here for updates on other home games for the 2022 season

Click here for information on using the season ticket, buying tickets, and applying in advance for the “Dream Invitation Ticket for Children”.

Precautions when entering

  • Pre-school children do not need a ticket if they are watching on their parent’s lap.
  • PET bottles, bottles and cans larger than 701ml cannot be brought into the venue.
    (Items other than drinks, such as hairspray, are also prohibited.)
  • In principle, the use of umbrellas in the venue is prohibited. Prepare rain gear (kappa, poncho) in case of rain.

Click here for spectator practices and rules

Opening hours

Regarding the formation of waiting lines for admission

■ Gates 1 and 4

Advance entry for season ticket holders

If you have a season ticket for seat B or an unreserved home seat and would like to participate in the advance entry lottery from gates 1 and 4, please apply in advance from the official J.League app “Club J.LEAGUE”. Those who do not participate in the advance admission lottery, or those who did not make it in time, are part of the preliminary waiting line for advance admission.
*Season ticket holders for SS, S, and A seats cannot participate in the lottery. SS and S seats should enter from the slope gate, and A seats and exciting pitch seats should enter from the rear stall gate.

Pre-admission lottery operation

Click here for details >>>

◆ About forming a waiting queue for participants
From 12:00 onwards, we will organize the queues for those who have applied for the entry waiting queue lottery in advance.

Click here for details of the admission and waiting queue rules

■ Slope gate

■ Rear gate

*If you are lining up at the slope gate/back gate, line up as follows. (image)

■ 2 gates

Away fans, check here.

Reception / event start time

Precautions in the hall

  • Temporary exit and re-entry is possible from the “re-entry gate” near Gate 1 and the back stand gate. We will give you a re-entry ticket when you leave temporarily, so we will check the re-entry ticket when you re-enter. (from 12:30 to 16:10)
  • There is no smoking area to avoid close contact and reduce the risk of infection. In addition, smoking is prohibited inside the SkyPark, including Sunpro Alwyn.
  • A rubbish sorting station will be set up on site, but it is strictly forbidden to bring rubbish in from your home or throw away sanitary waste such as masks on site.

■About home and away fans watching matches and passing through

  • You cannot watch the game while wearing fan merchandise in the concourse on the home stand, unreserved home team seats, or exciting field seats. In addition, you cannot watch a game wearing home support merchandise in the concourse side stand away or away unreserved seats.
  • After the advance entrance has started, we will temporarily block off the vicinity of the 2nd gate entrance until the away team entrance has settled down.
  • The entrance to part of the away stands will be blocked from approximately 15 minutes into the second half. Only away fans are allowed to leave gate 2.

■ Banner posting

  • Supporters wishing to display flags on the day of the match should assemble at the following place and time.
    [Cefnogwyr Cartref]11:00-11:45 in front of Gate 4
    [Cefnogwyr oddi cartref]11:50-12:20 before Gate 2 (an introductory explanation will be given from 11:40)
  • The staff will explain the method and location of the posting on the day, so follow the instructions.
  • To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, flags, etc. cannot be placed on the seats.

Spectator rules and etiquette

Other “watching rules and etiquette”.

Matsumoto Yamag FC “Regulations for the Management of Games”

■ Watch manners and rules common to J League



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